Core principles of SEO : Content, Links And Social Media

SEO is a methodology of tactics, techniques, and strategies used to increase relevant visitors to a website by getting a high-ranking placement in the search engine result pages (SERP) such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. Let alone the reality that Search Engine Optimization is a subject that is in constant flux! Despite the fact, there’s an easy method to think about SEO campaigns today and beyond: as a set of three core principles which assist each other to help an SEO campaign. So take a look at each of these principles and also how to implement each of them to maximize relevant traffic, sales, and Return on Investment

Content – Links- Social – Media

What are the three core principles?

The three core principles are given below:

Content – Write and Publish good quality Content

Links – Gain High-Quality Links

Social Media – Be Active and Interact on Social Media

These three core principles play a vital role in SEO campaign to succeed. Without these principles, the SEO campaign won’t be effectively supported and will probable fail. Before explaining of these principles, there are a few things to know about how they perform together.

You should have all these core principles to achieve an effective SEO initiative. When working for SEO campaign, you can’t skip one or more of these principles. Best SEO means being conscientious in each of the three areas.

Each core principles strengthen the others. When you create each of these principles in the right manner, you are definitely supporting and strengthening all of them.

Core Principle -1:  Content – Write and Publish Good Quality Content

Here are the essentials:

Site Design: Good SEO can’t really exist on an inferior website. The site design must be simple and intuitive.

Keyword Research: Keywords play a vital role in the aspects of SEO. A website must regularly use, but not too much use, certain keywords that visitors are browsing for. Keep in mind to use loads of longtail keywords. Moreover, you should never devote the primary SEO sin — keyword stuffing.

Content Optimization: Each site has content that only browsers and crawlers see. This is known as the Meta content, and it’s necessary for SEO. Be sure you’re using best SEO elements in the following places:


Meta Keywords


Meta titles

Meta Description

Top-quality and regularly updated blog: A blog is a highly effective weapon in the SEO strategy. Without it, your effort will be badly hindered. There are two essential laws of blogs:

Publish good content

Update it frequently

Core Principle- 2: Links – Gain High-Quality Links

Link building tactics include press release distribution, guest blogging, bookmarks, link wheel etc. No website will have great result unless other sites are linking to it. Here are the best ways to gain quality backlinks:

Press Releases. Creating a press release is an easy method to create a link that has power. The method is very simple as creating a well-written piece on something eventful in your organization and publishing it to a PR distribution site like PRWeb.

Guest blogging. The great option for backlinks is guest blogging. Search for top-quality sites that enable you to submit and publish your good quality content including a link back to your site.

Get listed in professional organizations and industry or local directories. Links from any reliable source will support to increase the rankings of your site. provides an amazing service for building links from the local directories.

Publish good quality content. Your website will be more effective if you regularly publish best material.

Links are very important for your site. Make sure you have a great method in place for building links.

Core Principle- 3: Social Media – Be Active and Interact on Social Media

Social media is a crucial part of SEO. Keep in mind the two things as given below:

It’s not enough to be making a profile on social networks. You should be active. If you would like to be more successful in the social market, you should monitor your social networks with caution. The social network Facebook serves as a place where users ask questions. Avoiding these networks is like failing to respond to an essential email from a client.

Find the social niches that are best for your company. Of course, you must be on Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. And there are other social sites which serve niches of prospective users.

So you should understand and design your strategy around the above three core principles of SEO. You will be definitely succeeded in your business.


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