Must-Follow Ecommerce Practices to Make the Best of Your Digital Store

If you run an online store that sells tangible products then working on your digital presence is something that would take a lot of your time. Yes, you need to be available round the clock for customer dealing, you need to outreach the number of visitors, and also expand your store’s visibility. In this case, you cannot risk missing your digital promotions. You do not have mere small nearby retail stores as your competition, but Amazon, eBay, Flipkart are far ahead in the race. With such tough competition, you need to focus harder on the eCommerce website. Here we share some of the must-follow eCommerce practices best eCommerce tools that are going to earn you great profits and help you stay on a competitive edge.

Run Your E-commerce Store with Some Simple Converting Tips

Must-Follow Ecommerce Practices to Make the Best of Your Digital Store

1. Let CTA Do Its Work

Many websites have a lot of information loaded. This often confuses the visitor as they amid so much information and images, spotting your CTA becomes difficult. If your visitor takes more than 3 seconds to find the CTA there are 53% chances that they would bounce. Consider the best of the e-Commerce stores and you’ll realize that the purchase button takes the maximum of the screen coverage area. Cool?

So, let your visitors know what is expected of them, and let them take the action accordingly.

2. Simple Navigation Is the Key

Simpler the navigation, easier to take actions. The mere idea of developing the website is to sell. So, don’t make it a chaotic one by adding various elements to it. Instead, just add a few elements to it. Keep the menu clean and simple. It is important that the user who enters your website finds the required information easily. A clean menu is going to get you all the information at the right place and persuade your customer to do what exactly you want them to do.

3. Add a Search Bar

It is important that your search bar is clearly visible. Keep it simple and clean. Let your audience find what they want in a click. There would be a few hundred options for each product, let your customer buy what he wishes to with a simple click. Make sure he doesn’t have to struggle a lot in the website to find what is needed. You get your customer to at least look at the products if he searches what he wants.

Search Bar May Seem a Simple Thing But It Is a Great Influence on the Website!

4. Use a Premium Hosting

When you enter the digital domain, you may find it a little risky to invest in premium hosting. The one important factor of premium hosting is speed. It is the speed of a commercial that matters the most. Other than this, if it is a regular hosting, slow loading time is one issue, other than this one struggles with errors, glitches, and site crashes. It is important that you invest in the premium hosting plan, trust us it is worth the investment.

5. Easy Checkout Process

Eliminate all the unnecessary steps in the check out process. The customer is eager to place the order, but several steps of placing the order often result in a bounce rate. It is important that you do not mess up things. Simply take the customer to the checkout page get details and move to the payment page. A simple process is a noteworthy and underrated element of an eCommerce website.

Just a few clicks and the product is at the doorstep is the Mantra now!

6. Encourage to Create Profiles

Unlike many websites that don’t let the buyer place order without creating a profile, you can let the user have a guest login option. You can encourage your customers to create a profile, but forcing them to do so would only reflect in bounce. Give your users some perks and benefits of creating profiles, and leave it up to them if they want to create an account or not.

If your services are quick and reliable, then your customers would surely return and create profiles. So, a little patience and great services would do wonders.

7. Build an E-mail Subscriber List

You have gathered data of almost all the visitors who have ever clicked the website link or have searched something. The general browsers who were looking for something similar to what you have. Then there would be a few people who have reached the website placed and order but that was just once, and lastly, there would be a few who have created a profile and are regular buyers. Have a separate database for each of these and ensure that you send them are personalized and categorized.

This would increase customer engagement and help you build goodwill.

8. Informative Product Descriptions

It is important that the product descriptions that you post are informative and of value for the customers. Explain every bit of the product and do not miss to highlight the key features. Tell them why is it important, if any variants are available, etc. If your customer can find answers to all his queries in the product description then surely it is well written and rewarding.

Variants are important. Let your customers know about them.

9. Top-Notch Customer Service

Make sure the customer support that you provide is world-class. None of the queries or requests should be left unattended. Make sure at least one member from the team is always available to be the point of contact. Not just this, also make sure that your contact details are mentioned on the website clearly. This would include:

· E-mail

· Phone Number

· WhatsApp

· Live Chat

10. Go Mobile

Don’t miss to come up with a mobile application for your website. You cannot simply wait for the website to start converting. These days it is the mobile app that converts more than the websites. Also, mobile apps are easier to be accessed and used. Plus, it would increase your visibility too. Thus, to make sure things reflect well come up with a store and an application at once.


Video Demonstrations are the trend!

Don’t just show the images, share video demonstrations. Video gives a clearer view of the product and how things would work. You can show the final product or its functioning or variants. Anything. A video adds to the credibility of the product and the website. So, get your photographer ready and upload the videos immediately.

Wrapping It All

With an eCommerce website in line, you need to make sure that everything is no less than perfect. A small mistake would ruin your efforts and make your risk worthless. Get to the best eCommerce developers who would help you create an easily navigable and aesthetically sound website that would make a digital identity for you. Being quick with your customer service would be an important point of decision for your store.

So, just take a deep sigh. Step in the digital domain and explore all the aspects that you can. Deliver great products, impress customers, and keep rising in the digital domain to the zenith.

Author’s Bio: Scarlett is a technical writer associated with A3logics for a couple of years. She has been working on different domains and eCommerce websites remain her priority. E-commerce website and mobile app development remain her area of interest. She is an avid reader and is often found busy with her book in the nearby cafe.



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