Technological Tips to Top-Up Your Sales This Year

Selling more of your products or services is key to increase growth and profits. Whether you choose to siphon off those profits to give to shareholders or business partners, or if you reinvest them in your business, getting higher volumes of sales is effectively your number one priority in business. And the advent of new technologies has made that sales-boosting far easier if you can command the tools of the trade. This article offers advice so that you too can boost your business through the savvy use of new technologies.

Smart Advertising

Much has been made of the recent advances in advertising technologies on the world wide web. With more web users than ever spending extra time on the internet, it’s no surprise that this is seen as the fertile new ground to show off brands, businesses, products and services. You can consider advertisements on:

  • Social media websites
  • YouTube and content sharing sites
  • News and blog websites
  • E-commerce websites
  • Directly on search engines

The wonderful thing about modern advertising is that you can target individual demographics and pay for adverts only if individual web users interact with it. For instance, on YouTube, True View offer bespoke services that you’ll only be charged for if web users watch your advert. This dramatically increases the return on the investment you make in your marketing strategy.

Data Analysis

Using your data is something that most businesses are simply not equipped to do. While there are useful tools that you can use as part of the suite of programs that you’re regularly using in your business, you are unlikely to be using a specific software program to help you understand the following features of your engagement with consumers:

  • How long they spend on your website
  • How they came to your website
  • What they click on in your website
  • Whether they load a cart in your website
  • Who is more likely to trade with you

All these factors are crucial in your big data analysis of your business performance and can open up avenues for you to exploit in terms of generating fresh sales and finding new consumers to sell to in the future.


Finally, the world of email marketing is experiencing something of a renaissance in recent months, thanks mainly to the centralized and easy-to-use email marketing suites now available to businesses large and small. You should use this technology for the following reasons:

  • To remind customers of your brand, products and services
  • To show off new lines that you’ve added to your website
  • To share news related to your business
  • To share coupons, offers and rewards to existing customers

Often, a simple email nudge will be enough to encourage web users onto your website once more, where they may become a repeat customer, trading with you a second or third time. As you’ll know, these are some of your most valued customers in the long run, giving you a steady source of income throughout the year.

There you have it: some key tips to help you use technology to boost your business in 2020 and beyond.


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