Why Mobile Optimization Is Crucial for Good SEO Outcomes

Businesses and brands of all sizes now realize just how powerful the internet can be for their bottom line. Whether it be positive or negative, the internet can instantly impact a website’s performance, causing it to benefit or suffer from the effects. While social media increasingly drives trends, fads, and even marketing decisions, search engines remain an essential element in attracting attention.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a significant consideration for most successful brands, whether they are targeting international audiences or local ones. Concerning mobile audiences, SEO couldn’t be more important. We’ll look at why mobile optimization matters in affecting good SEO outcomes for your brand or business.

Preferential Treatment by Search Engines

A leading SEO Sydney consultant argues that the single most significant impact on websites with mobile responsive design and optimization, search engines provide well-designed websites with a ranking advantage in most instances. When comparing two identical websites in terms of content and niche, the website with mobile optimization will outrank the site only designed for desktop users.

For the past three years, big entities such as Google have been penalizing websites that do not utilize mobile responsive design, according to SEO West Midlands firm, Current Web. As such, maximizing your SEO potential involves optimizing your website to cater to mobile users from all backgrounds..

Better User Experience = Better Rankings

Ultimately, how people feel about your website impacts more than their individual visits. Search engines carefully monitor traffic in and out of your website via their results pages, determining everything from user satisfaction to your page’s relevance in said search results.

Even if mobile users arrive on your unoptimized website via search results, if their experience is less than stellar, then that will send negative indicators to search engines. Elements such as bounce rates tell Google and others that your website isn’t ideal for those visitors, which can lead to lower rankings in results.

An Optimised Site Is a Fast Site

The speed of any website can dramatically impact how well it performs among audiences – and how search engines view it. Besides impacting user experience overall (websites that take longer than a few seconds to load experience substantially higher bounce rates), slow pages can be detrimental to SEO outcomes.

Mobile users in particular – usually utilizing slower connections – will not wait around forever for your pages to load. Optimizing your page speed for this demographic will ensure that you retain more traffic, generate more sales and continue to enjoy the fruits of your SEO labor.

Most Traffic Is Mobile

As if all of the benefits and/or disadvantages above weren’t enough to convince you, know this one simple fact: a majority of search engine traffic comes through mobile devices. While it was once easy to ignore mobile users due to their small numbers, they now comprise most of the traffic via sites such as Google.

If your website is not optimized for mobile browsing, then you are likely turning off most of the people who would ever visit your website. When coupled with the penalties that search engines levy upon poorly-optimized sites, it should be clear that mobile optimization is crucial.

Now that you know why mobile optimization is crucial to your SEO outcomes, you can make the appropriate changes to ensure it is compliant. In many respects, mobile optimization and SEO are the same: don’t miss out on valuable traffic and business because you failed to act! Feel free to contact ‘corePHP’ today to help you get the results you need for your continued growth in today’s every changing market.


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