5 Tips to Improve your Inbound Marketing Plan for Joomla Website

Unlike outbound marketing where a marketer has to go out to grab the prospects’ attention, an inbound marketing strategy that uses different ways such as webinars, SEO eBooks, blogs, social networks, and whitepapers to attract prospects and improve their brand awareness.

Inbound marketing involves four important steps. These include attracting prospects, converting them into buyers, the close, and keeping them engaged.

Note that an inbound marketing strategy is easy to understand, but its implementation process isn’t a walk in the park, so you should also consider using a digital marketing company such as ‘corePHP’ to help you achieve your goals.

Here five tips to help you enhance your inbound marketing plan.

1. Check what your rivals are doing

Andrew S. Grove, the founder of Intel, once said that only paranoid individuals could survive. Thus, it’s wise to keep your eye on what your rivals are doing. Observe any change on their inbound marketing strategies and always question their actions.

Probably they know something you don’t and what you aren’t sure of may harm your business. Here are tips to help you stay up to date on what your competitors are doing.

  • Follow them on social networks and ensure that you’re getting real-time notifications about what they share with their audience.
  • Listening tools can help you learn what your rivals say about your brand and theirs. These include Google Alerts, Social Mention, Icerocket, Topsy, and more.
  • Use a mediate site such as delicious.com, marketing.grander.com, and compare.com to perform a detailed comparison between your site and your competitors’.

Experts advise that you should study your competitors’ inbound marketing strategies and find what can make your brand unique in the market.

2. Start blogging

If your products and services are the same as your competitors’ and they are using SEO marketing strategies just like you, one effective way of making your website unique is blogging.

Some of the benefits of blogging include gaining more trust from your audience, they are likely to subscribe for regular updates as you publish new content on your blog, and they are more likely to share your content on social media platforms.

In case you aren’t a professional writer or don’t have the time to write, consider hiring a reputable writer or an agency to create great content for your blog. You can publish a new post on your blog two to three times a week. If you don’t have time to draft and publish these posts, you can always schedule them to auto-publish in time.

3. Enhance your convert and the close steps

Does your site have high click-through rate in CTA (call-to-action) step? If not, it’s advisable to enhance this step. Your landing page should be clear, and your audience shouldn’t face any difficulty when clicking on it.

You can also improve this step by offering a type of documentation in the call-to-action step. For instance, you can offer free videos, whitepapers, eBooks, and more. To enhance your close step, find visitors who click on your CTA and don’t purchase your products and follow up with them. Send them series of emails offering them useful details about your products.

4. A loyalty program is important too

Attracting new customers is good for every business. However, that doesn’t mean that you should forget about your existing clients. Thus, it’s wise to offer a loyalty program your clients. Do you remember the Pareto Optimality 80/20 rule where 80% of business revenue comes from 20% of clients?

Therefore, consider doing things that will please your existing customers because they can share their experiences with their friends and family. They can also promote and share your brand information on social networks.

Use reward cards, new promotions, point cards, or club cards as a loyalty program to keep your existing clients interested in your brand. However, don’t overuse discount strategy.

5. Don’t ignore the minor details

Review your front-end regularly. Check your website from a client’s standpoint and ask yourself, “Is everything okay?”

Even small mistakes can affect your site visitors’ experiences and turn into a big disappointment.


Use the tips discussed in this article for your inbound marketing plan. Being patient and resilient is wise. Learn what your competitors are doing and list down the things that will strengthen your marketing strategy and enhance your chances of achieving your marketing objectives.


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