Landing Page Tips: How to Attract More Customers

If you’re selling on the internet, but you’re not getting enough customers, you must be wondering the reason. One of the most crucial reasons for that could be a poorly drafted landing page. Before you learn how to attract more customers through creative landing pages, you need to know about the latest website development styles and how landing page optimization works.

What Is Landing Page Optimization?

It is the process of enhancing or improving your landing page to get more conversions. You don’t have to redesign the whole landing page per se. Instead, you use data and anecdotal evidence to make relevant changes to your landing page, such as:

Be Straightforward with Your Call to Action Button

Before you make changes to your landing page, you need to be clear about customer response, what do you want your customer to do, to click. For higher conversions, you need to be straightforward with your call to action button, for instance:

  • Try XYZ service for FREE
  • Join to download
  • Press here
  • Pick up now

The more straightforward your call to action button will be, the better you can sell. You don’t want your customers to be confused or left bewildered with fancy offers and complex sentences. Be direct and be useful for higher conversions.

Be Scarce with Content

Scarcity is the best technique to use when you have something to offer. Therefore, you need to be scarce with your content. Don’t throw everything away when your customer lands on your website. You need to make the customer realize that whatever you’re offering is for a limited time and perhaps limited in resources as well.

Remember, you don’t have to sound desperate about using a scarcity technique; every other big store does the same, so you’re no different.

Simplify Your Landing Page

Users want simple solutions for their rather complex problems, and you can do the same by simplifying your landing page. If you’re worried that a straightforward landing page will sound counter-intuitive, it won’t. Getting rid of visual clutter can help you with more conversions.

Your customers are not here for the visual clutter. Therefore, it is equally essential to simplify your landing page content and designs.

Here are some tips to simplify your landing page:

  • Keep relevant elements above the fold, for example, a download button, call to action, service offerings and a pleasing visual, that’s it.
  • Use a top-down approach and always begin with essential information from the top. Ideally, there shouldn’t be any non-essential information on your landing page, but if there is, then put it at the bottom.
  • Back your copy with a relevant yet pleasing picture because you can’t expect customers to read through bulky paragraphs.
  • Streamline your landing page conversation form. A landing page performance depends on the appropriate number of fields in the conversation form. Any more or less may lose you an apparent conversion.

Use Contrasting Colors


For many colors may not make a difference, but for your landing page and probable conversions, it does. You need to use contrasting colors to please your target customers; experts suggest that consumers are more willing to spend time on an aesthetically pleasing website than a one with dull or dim design colors. The color goes hand in hand with clarity, you can’t choose a back ‘join now’ button with a darker background, but what you can do in contrast.

Use a yellow or a brighter CTA button with a dark background. The textured dark background will make the CTA look more prominent.

Add Contact Information


A landing page without a piece of contact information would be blasphemous, to begin with. How do you expect your users to connect with you or reach out in case of a query? Especially if you’re an e-commerce store, you will have thousands of questions every day.

There are so many ways to provide your users with contact information; you can put a phone number, email, address, or a link to your specific help center. Customers should know who, when, and how to reach out to with FAQs.

Make Your Landing Pages Mobile Friendly

Many of your customers are likely to visit your landing page on their phone. If your page isn’t optimized for a mobile-friendly experience, it can hamper your brand image and demotivate your visitor. Therefore, you need to ensure your landing pages are mobile-friendly.

Use Newer Ad Formats

Your Ad formats should be consistent with your landing page if your Ad size is disrupting the elements on your landing page, you’ll just piss off the user and end up losing probable conversions. If you have to put different forms of Ads, make sure your website is compatible with ad placements with an adequate header, footer, and sidebar space.

Add Effective Testimonials

Video testimonials are always a useful measure, and if you have clients willing to record testimony for you, add it to your landing page. Users still want to hear it from someone else; they want to inquire about the experience, which you can’t provide, only a fellow user can do.

Be Consistent

You can’t change your landing page every week; you must be consistent with your content design, visuals, and all other relevant aspects of your landing page. You don’t have to be compatible only with your landing page, all your social media handles, graphic designs, promotional material should resonate with your landing page. If your user is directed to your website from an Instagram or Facebook page, the user expects the same or perhaps a landing page with the same theme.

Optimize Your Landing Page With SEO

How do you think users find your landing page, they often do it with organic searches? You need to optimize your landing page for SEO using keywords. Put those keywords in the alt text, headlines, forms and insert them wherever possible to improve your SEO ranking.

Key Takeaways

If you want to attract more customers, the ultimate tip here is to put yourself in customer’s shoes and visit your website, observe the landing page, and ask yourself. If you were not the website owner, instead of an average customer, would you want to spend even ten seconds on that particular website? Until and unless you are compelled to say yes, your landing page lacks something. Because no matter how great your offerings are, the user might not even get to the offerings part if the landing page is troublesome and not visually comforting.

Rex Murray
Landing Page Tips: How to Attract More Customers

Rex Murray is a web developer who helps clients improve their website. Rex has years of experience in web development, making it very easy for him to assess problems present in a website and then come up with the necessary solutions.

Rex understands that not everyone is aware of the importance of web development – which is why he regularly contributes articles online.


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