How To Keep Track Of Your Sales

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As a sales person, you need to track your efforts to determine where you are with a client and how close you are to finalizing a deal with them. This can be a challenge to do with your busy schedule and the amount of customers that you have. There are many options available that will record where you are with an organization and what you need to do next to get their business. Here are a few ways to note your progress while you are on the job.

Purchase Sales Tracking Software

It can be a challenge to keep track of your clients through their buying decisions, especially if you have many that you converse with. Getting a software program to monitor where they are in the sales pipeline can simplify this for you and give you more time to work with your customers. Once you install it on your computer, enter every organization that you talk to and plot where they are in the process. This would be a great time to add any notes to the file that might be helpful when you are in discussions with them. Check back with the system daily to update where you are and what you still need to do to finalize the agreement. This procedure can also allow your team or manager to know where you are and let them assist you if you need it.

Use a Spreadsheet

Another option, which is much like the software, is to record your progress with a client on a spreadsheet. This option is free and easy to access, whether you choose to utilize it online or through a program on your computer. However, if you choose to do this, you must be skilled to use it and very organized. You can set up a list of customer names then allocate each column for the next action that you must take until the sale is completed. If you choose to use an internet based site or share a drive among those in your department, you can design it for everyone to keep a record of what they are doing.  Like the other method, be sure to update your data daily so that it is current and you prevent being overwhelmed when several days of information must be entered. This tool will be the most successful for you when you analyze what you notated each time you work with the other party and have the latest numbers applied.

Keep Paper Files

Your computer or device might be difficult to access during the day. In this event, using software might be a challenge. In a notebook or journal, write down your thoughts on a client each time you visit or call them. Before your next meeting, review what you have noted about them and remember those comments as you attempt to finalize your sale. If you do make a deal,  keep a copy of the ticket that you have written in a file that you can reach anytime that you need to. Designate a place to keep these documents in both your office and your car. This could be a briefcase or a file box. Wherever you store then, be sure that the location is secured. Much of your documentation has sensitive information and could cause an issue if they are stolen.

Watch the Inventory

While tracking your inventory is important, being able to fulfill the order you take is vital. Talk to your management about installing this software into every computer involved with your business. You will also want to implement barcode scanning when you do this upgrade. Using this method to monitor your stock will alert you when more needs to be ordered or manufactured. You can have an updated look of what is available when you close your deal and know when more will arrive if you are short at the moment. This tool will also report which items are the most popular and what seems to move slowly. It can indicate what you can offer a discount to your client, which might be the deciding factor for them to do business with you.

Automatic Invoicing

Another tool that will benefit your sales is invoicing software. Once you do get the contract and the product is delivered, your accounting department can send a bill to your client immediately. There are programs on the market that can do this electronically for you, delivering the invoice into their email the same day that the items are shipped. They also provide a method to pay for what is owed on a website, either their’s or on your company page. The money will reach the business sooner, which puts your commission in your account faster as well. If your organization chooses to use this, be sure that you receive a copy of the documentation for your records as well as proof of the transaction. This way you can update your own charts and understand your progress.

Organizing Your Appointment

If you visit your clients as a part of your sales process, an appointment calendar is also something you should use. You can have something as simple as a planner or calendar that you carry with you when you are with a customer or at the office. However, having an online calendar is accessible wherever you go, is simple to carry, and can be seen by others in your company in the event that they are looking for you. Ask that the organization implement one that every member of the staff can use to track who is in, who is working outside of the facility, and who is on vacation. This can benefit the clients as well since they will get accurate answers concerning when they can speak to you next. Working in sales can be a challenging, yet rewarding position. Knowing where you are with each client is vital for your success. Tracking, inventory, and invoicing software, as well as an online calendar, can make your job simpler and allow you more time with your customers.


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