Improving the Customer Experience with Creative Analytics

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Improving the customer experience is an ongoing project. People are constantly changing, so your strategies should be adjusting as well. But many businesses struggle with truly understanding who their customer is and what they need.

Analytics is a part of the day-to-day process of improving customer experience. Without data, you’re unable to glean the insights you need to adjust your strategies for the better continually. Unfortunately, numbers, statistics, and other complex data can be more overwhelming than helpful. So, you need a way to help you conceptualize the data you receive.

When you mesh creativity with analytics, you can use data to your advantage by telling its story in a way that helps you create the emotional bond you need with your customers.

Here are four ways creative analytic tactics improve the customer experience.

Create a Deeper Relationship with Your Customers

To improve the customer experience, you must know your customers inside and out. Knowing extensive details about your customer makes it easier to get them what they need when they need it and how they want to receive it.

Analytics can uncover the following about your customer:

  • Which website pages they’re visiting the most
  • What ads they are engaging with
  • Which social media platforms they’re on
  • Their favorite products
  • Most used payment methods
  • Purchasing patterns

Suppose you find out that 85% of your loyal customers use their mobile wallet as their primary payment method. What does this data tell you about your customer? What’s the story you can draw from this statistic? It could be that they appreciate technologically advanced brands that prioritize modernity. You could infer that a tech-savvy customer enjoys flexibility and accessibility when they go to make a purchase online.


Fusing creativity and analytics presents an opportunity to draw conclusions about your customer that improve your marketing campaigns. You want to invest in strategies that are easy on your budget but drive sales effectively. For example, when you find out what social media platforms your customers are most active on, you’re able to place ads strategically on those platforms and show your customers the right message at the right time.

Improve Your Products

Building a sustainable product line that adapts to the evolving needs of your customers is vital to improving their experience with your business. You can gather information about how your customers interact with your products and use it to enhance their development, design, and functionality.

You can also use this data to create marketing materials and other documentation to help you identify potential issues with your product before they arise and develop solutions to prevent them.

For example, creative analytical data can help you build a detailed product roadmap. According to Lucidspark, “Project managers use product roadmaps to visualize the development of a product or service over time.” With this document, you’re able to identify specific projects that need to be completed in the development process, when they need to be completed, and who is responsible for achieving them.

Each team involved with the development of your product must remain customer-focused. When you have specific data about how your customers engage with your products, you can back up any changes to your product with solid evidence for the benefit of those changes.

Improve the User Experience on Your Website

The success of your eCommerce website is highly dependent on how functional, visually appealing, and personalized the experience is on your website. You want your customers to arrive on your website and immediately feel at home.

Analyzing customer data about their engagement with your website can help you tell how your customers prefer to navigate an eCommerce website. It can give insight into what incites cart abandonment, if a minimalist design with easy navigation, a speedy checkout process, and streamlined order fulfillment is working, or if your customers love the new bold colors and fun fonts.

Website data can be a bit difficult to comprehend because they’re usually big, complex data sets. So, in addition to collecting data on how your customers interact with your eCommerce website, you want to ensure you’re taking your analytical creativity to the next level. You can do this with visualization techniques that contextualize your data and appreciate new perspectives.

Data science researchers note that “Data visualization can transform seemingly arbitrary data into an easy-to-understand format.” How you display your website data is critical to comprehension. Displaying complex website data with Planar 2D graphs, 3D Volumetric visualization, temporal charts, and multidimensional graphs makes it easier to grasp and, in turn, use to improve user experience.

Make Better Business Decisions

Analytics and creative functions are often separated in businesses. They serve obvious purposes that seem separate if not carefully looked at. But the truth is that creative roles are becoming more data-driven, and data-driven roles depend more on creative thinking and doing.

When unified adequately, creativity and analytics are equally powerful, adopt an agile marketing method, and need a team of individuals with diverse talents running the show. Creative analytics makes it so you can make better business decisions overall. Confident business decisions and strategy development are crucial to improving the customer experience.


You’re able to take key data and turn it into actionable steps that enable you to make essential decisions on how to better your customer experiences with your brand, retain loyal customers, and ultimately allow your business to be around for years to come.

For example, when it comes to marketing, creative analytics can help you make informed decisions in the planning process. You can develop a marketing plan with clear objectives, one that includes segmentation and targeting techniques, and details exactly how you plan to reach your customers through all of your marketing channels. You should be empowered by the data you receive to offer the right products to the right customer at the right time.

Creative analytics can help you learn about your customer’s behavior and use those insights to guide how your business grows and continually be there for your customers as their needs change.


Your customers mean everything to the success of your eCommerce business.

Without loyal customer relationships, it’s unlikely you’ll ever be able to scale your business.

Improving the customer experience is a proven way to attract and keep customers for years to come. Creative analytics can help improve the customer experience by creating deeper relationships, enhancing your product line and user experience on your website, and enabling you to make better business decisions overall.



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