How To Grow With Your Company

You love the organization that you work for but you want the chance to rise up to a new position that offers better pay. There are several changes that you can make to yourself and to your relationships that will make you the ideal candidate for that next promotion. Here are a few ways to grow with your company.

Set Up Relationships With Others In and Out Of Your Company

As you navigate your professional world, build a network of people both inside and outside of your company. They can give you advice on your career when you need it, introduce you to potential clients, and help you formulate ideas on your current assignment. Join a committee within your business to get to know your co-workers better. Become a part of a team, whether it is within the organization to collaborate on a project or outside to compete in a sport or other activity. You can also become a member of a civic club to meet other people with like interests as yourself who work for other corporations. Be sure to update your online profiles to reflect your current employment and groups you belong to. This also can be a tool to build your support structure.

Learn Something New

Even if you love your job, learning a new skill can be a benefit to both yourself and your company. Think about what you are interested in then look for classes that pertain to that. You can speak to your human resources department to see if the organization offers tuition reimbursement for courses that align with what the business does. One of the most popular fields that needs new members is information technology. You can learn programs such as Joomla then offer your new experience to help build or modify the company website. Knowledge in quickbooks enterprise or other types of accounting software can make you an asset when it comes to balancing the finances or calculating figures for your employer. Attending these sessions also gives you the opportunity to build your network with others that have similar interests. You can share what you have heard in class and build relationships that will last past the classroom into your corporate world.

Reach Out To Someone With More Experience

Once you have decided which position you would like to have either in your company or outside of it, find someone who currently holds a similar job and ask if they would be willing to help you prepare for it. Question what education you should have to make you qualified for that field and how many years of experience is necessary. Have them evaluate what you do now and provide feedback on how it would relate to what you want to do in the future. You can talk to several people about this but be sure to take what your mentors tell you seriously. Their experience can be a benefit to you if you follow their guidance.

Determine What Goal You Want To Reach

While you work towards that promotion that you want, you should set smaller goals for yourself to achieve to get closer to that position. Think of one or two to start with then establish a realistic timeline to accomplish them. You can provide a simple reward once you do but then have new objectives to replace them with. If you fall short of your target, review where you may have slipped then begin again until you reach it. Repeat these steps until you have all the requirements you need to get the job that you want.

Open Up To Others

One valuable tool you must have in the corporate world is the ability to communicate with others. Whether it is from your supervisor or for someone who works for you, you must be willing to listen to their concern. If what they tell you needs immediate action, assure them that you will take care of the matter then follow through with what you say. Be sure to keep them up to date with what you have done so that they feel that you have heard them. If you have trouble talking to other people, contact your human resources department. There are courses that they can recommend that will help you develop your speech skill and prepare you for the conversations that you will have at work.

Ponder Decisions Before You Make Them

Rash actions with little thought behind them can put your hopes of that new position in jeopardy. If a difficult situation comes up that you need to work on, evaluate all of your options before going forward. Take every member involved into consideration and ask them for their advice as you are determining what your next step will be. If you are able to, plot out what you believe each outcome will be. Do as much research as you can on the subject. Once you have all your data, use it to make a decision that you are comfortable with. However, if you do make the wrong judgement, go over what has happened and apologize for the errors made. Use those moments to shape your career so that you avoid doing the same thing again if it were to reappear.

Take a Risk When You Are Ready To Move On

When the moment comes that you have the chance to apply for the position you want, make the move to get the job. Ask those who have worked with you and know of your intentions to get this position to provide a reference of your abilities. Document your education and the opportunities to exhibit your skill so that you have them on hand to present to the interviewer. If you hesitate to send in your resume, you may lose the spot to someone else. Moving up in your place of employment and doing something that you love is a goal that you should strive for. Taking classes to prepare for it, asking others to mentor you, creating a network to talk to and get feedback from, and giving yourself targets to reach can help you prepare for the career you have dreamed of.



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