Improve Your Agency’s Brand Visibility Like a Pro. Use These Proven Tips

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Do you want your marketing agency to be top of mind when your customers need marketing help?

Of course, you do.

That’s why you need to invest in improving your brand visibility.

The more visible you become, the more people will remember you, talk about you, and, if the planets align, reach out to you when they need marketing help.

The tips shared in this guide are designed to bring more eyeballs to marketing agencies. If you’re looking for better brand visibility, then this guide is for you.

1. Invest in Instagram marketing

Did you know that Instagram is the fourth most used social platform?

Can you imagine how much you’re missing out on if you aren’t visible on Instagram?

That’s why you need to invest in the best IG tools and employ rock-solid Instagram marketing strategies to be highly visible in IG.

For example, you can use a feature-packed, sophisticated, yet affordable social media marketing platform such as Vista Social.

The platform helps you create highly engaging IG posts, schedule them, and tag people. You can also create customized reports to track your campaigns’ performance to uncover which posts (or types of posts) are getting loads of views.

It even has a Smart Publishing feature where the platform curates content from various sources then shares them on your IG profile according to the frequency and schedule of your choice…

…all on autopilot.

Improve Your Agency’s Brand Visibility Like a Pro. Use These Proven Tips

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Never again will you have days where your profile doesn’t have any content posted. The Smart Publisher feature can find and publish the content for you.

2. Partner with influencers

The strategy is pretty straightforward:

Step 1: Look for an influencer that your target audience follows

Step 2: Reach out to the influencers

Step 3: Offer something of value to influencers in exchange for them telling their audience about your marketing agency

It’s that simple.

The key here is to find the right influencer and figure out what’s important to them. The sponsored post below from an influencer for Silk almond milk is a classic example.

Improve Your Agency’s Brand Visibility Like a Pro. Use These Proven Tips

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In an ideal world, your agency can pay what the influencer asks for if they ask for monetary compensation that is.

However, deciding on the type of compensation can depend on the campaign, deliverables, your agency’s brand fit, and the influencer’s metrics.

Ensure your agency and the influencer you work with are on the same page. Determine and agree on the type of compensation, such as:

  • Paid compensation. You can set predetermined rates to pay the influencer for promoting your brand, services, etc.
  • Free product compensation. Instead of monetary compensation, you can provide the influencer with free products or services, such as complimentary hotel stays.
  • Affiliate compensation. Influencers can get commissions when people use affiliate links for your brand—most brands couple affiliate with paid compensation.

Essentially, successfully working with influencers requires having a solid influencer marketing strategy and determining the right compensation type that works best for your agency and the influencer.

If you use reliable payroll software for small businesses, incorporate payment schedules and processing for influencers you work with.

Doing so ensures you pay on time and eliminate any errors that can potentially sour your relationship.

3. Offer free tools or apps

Some software or apps that immediately come to mind are revenue or cost calculators. You can also offer free apps for creating graphic designs and simple yet robust project task management software.

Business owners or marketing execs are uber busy that they’d very much welcome any tool or service that can cut their work in half.

If you’re offering a tool that helps address their concerns for free, your target customers are bound to use it and even share it with their network. (It doesn’t cost them a penny, after all.)

It can bring your brand TONS of eyeballs!

The best part?

You can generate warm leads by offering the free tool since those using your software or app need help with content creation—something that your marketing agency can address.

You can work with mobile app development companies. That way, they can focus on working on your software or app while you focus on growing your marketing agency.

4. Do guest posting

Backlinks are crucial parts of your online presence and, in turn, brand visibility efforts since these are some of Google’s ranking factors.

While there are many ways to gain backlinks, one of the most effective ways to do this is by guest posting.

Include guest posting in your content development process. It helps you establish your backlink-building strategy, so your web pages rank higher in search results pages and increase your visibility.

Create valuable, fresh, and authentic content and publish it on relevant blogs.

It’s a great way to position your agency as an industry authority and reliable information source. It can inspire more viewers to visit your website for more excellent content.

Besides increasing your backlink portfolio, you can also leverage guest blogging or posting to set up a strong personal brand, humanizing your agency’s brand identity.

5. Leverage visually compelling videos

Visually rich, compelling videos are some of the best content to raise your agency’s brand awareness.


Because videos allow you to be more creative and interactive than other content types.

Plus, videos are easier to consume than long blocks of text, which is excellent for engagement.

The question is, how do you use videos to improve brand visibility?

The answer: Start with these tips.

  • Plan your content for your videos. This way, you have clearly defined goals (e.g., generate more leads, increase brand visibility), ideas, and strategies before you start shooting or creating your videos. You can shape and streamline your process.
  • Include compelling Calls-to-Action (CTAs) in your videos (or your description section). CTAs help direct your potential clients to the next steps, whether booking a call or getting a quote for your service.
  • Ensure consistency in your video’s quality and include branding elements, such as your brand’s color schemes.

Oberlo, for example, applies the company color scheme on their YouTube channel. It helps make their videos instantly recognizable, which is always good for increasing visibility.

Improve Your Agency’s Brand Visibility Like a Pro. Use These Proven Tips

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Create stunning and compelling marketing videos your potential clients can’t help but click and share for optimum brand exposure.

The best part is, creating videos doesn’t always require using fancy equipment or expensive tools.

Find free, user-friendly video creation tools and use what’s in your arsenal. You can even edit and speed up videos with your iPhone.

Get your brand in front of more audiences

Improving your agency’s brand visibility might take some elbow grease before you see significant results, but it’s not impossible to achieve.

Leverage the foolproof tips in this guide to optimize your efforts to boost your brand visibility like a boss and drive your expected results.


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