Managing Workflow: Tips from ‘corePHP’

Are you frustrated with your work flow?

Understanding in-house work flow is vitally important to managing projects! ‘corePHP’ has hundreds of clients and reviews thousands of support ticket requests monthly. It also and creates applications (such as WordPress for Joomla! and Community ACL)  and is constantly working on at least 30 projects at a time. So how do we do it? How are we still sane? More often then not, we come across people who are frustrated with their work flow – they just can’t handle it. Well I am here to let our secret out and tell you how we keep everything organized.

Below is a list of programs that ‘corePHP’ uses to keep frustration to a minimum – and productivity to the max!

  • Freshbooks: Includes online billing, estimates and an expense tracking system. Integrates into Basecamp perfectly for billing.
  • Basecamp: Complete and collaborative task management system. Allows your entire team to know what is going on. Why email all of your employees when everything can be easily captured in one area?
  • Tick Spot: Keeps you within the scope of the project and keeps track of billable hours. Integrates flawlessly with Basecamp.
  • WordPress: Well this is a bit of a pitch for us. Seriously, though, WordPress Integration for Joomla! 1.5 is an extremely powerful tool we use to communicate with our clients.
  • Kayako: Powerful and complete support desk. Here we house thousands of support tickets monthly.

Remember guys, communication is the key to success with any business! These tools will help you keep on top of things with your clients.

I hope this helps you further your business structure. Good luck in the future! I will more business tips down the road, so keep your eyes peeled.

–Steven Pignataro
CEO ‘corePHP’


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