Hardcore Javascript browser & computer fingerprinting

This post contains a POC (Proof of concept) on how to detect if a user is using the same computer as they have previously used before. This can be useful if you want to register a user’s computer for a certain functionality that your website may have. It can also be used to only allow one computer to view private content of a site and has many other applications aside from being really cool!

The way the script works, it has functions to retrieve the following:

  • Browser type
  • Display width & height, color depth and available height
  • The plugins that are installed on the browser
  • The operating system the browser is running on

With these four pieces of information you have the option to MD5 hash them, which is what I recommend as it is shorter and easier to store in a database.

Please download the files from here. Two files are needed if you want to use the MD5 encryption.

<script src="md5.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="detector.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

To get all of the above information about the browser in one neat string with separators, call this JavaScript function:

$fingerprint = pstfgrpnt();

To get the values MD5 hashed, simply pass true through as a parameter.

The index.html file on the download includes a simple example.

That is it! Enjoy!


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