Community ACL – 1.2

Security is an important thing for everyone. Whether it’s an alarm in a house, a checkpoint at work, or a security system at a shopping mall, it is important for all of us to feel we are protected. Here at ‘corePHP,’ ensuring your safety is a high priority for us. Thanks to Community ACL, we can now help you provide top notch security for your website. Community ACL provides a revolutionary system that extends beyond the Joomla! ACL. Be the first on the block to have the most secure site with our feature-rich, fine-grain ACL system.

‘corePHP’ is committed to delivering the best products available. Upon reviewing the wish-list for Community ACL, we integrated the most popular feature requests and added some new bug fixes. Below is an itemized list of the new features and bug fixes for version 1.2.


  • CACL Preprocessor: It is a new plugin to replace the menu hacks we did during every installation process in previous versions. That is correct – the menus themselves are no longer modified. Some 3rd party menus are not supported.
  • AEC Plugin: This plugin supports the communication between AEC and Community ACL. It allows you to assign groups, roles and functions to users based on the subscription selected in AEC.
  • JomSocial Plugin: This plugin restricts specific features of JomSocial.


  • Fixed issue with restricted contents being accessed via URL.
  • Fixed issue with configuration check box not triggering expansion of `Items to synchronize` group box.
  • Fixed issue with drop down for section and category list.
  • Fixed issue with Community ACL and Community Builder plugin communication.

Click here to download the latest version.


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