Google Adwords: Dynamic Headlines

I am willing to bet that most of you didn’t know about this hidden Google Adword feature. You can increase the click-through rate for your Adword advertisements by having your headlines replaced by the search word or phrase that people use.

Lets use the search phrase ‘Getting on the web” as an example. If you have one of these search words in your list of Adwords then your link will show up. Lets say your ad title is “Web Site Development.” Ordinarily, this is the title that will be shown to people when your ad comes up. However, with the dynamic headline feature you can have your headline show up on the ad as “Getting On The Web” which will greatly increase your chance of getting a click through since it matches their search term. Here’s how to do it:

Instead of using your usual style of headline such as “Web Site Development” type this instead: {KeyWord:web site development}. This will dynamically substitute the search phrase if it matches one of the words.

Keep in mind that if their search term or keyphrase is longer then 25 characters, then your default (“Web Site Development”) will show up as the headline. Also remember that the phrase you put in (“Web Site Development”) is limited to 15 characters.

If you would like to capitalize your headlines, use the following chart:

  • {keyword:adword phrase} all lower case (“adword phrase”)
  • {Keyword:adword phrase} capitalize first character (“Adword phrase”)
  • {KeyWord:adword phrase} capitalize each word (“Adword Phrase”)
  • {KEYWORD:adword phrase} all caps (“ADWORD PHRASE”)
  • You can also add words before it, such as Quality {KeyWord:adword phrase}

We hope this helps with your website marketing. We’ll continue to keep our eyes open for other tips & tricks to help you generate more money for your business.


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