Get Seen: How to Boost Your Site’s Visibility & Traffic

Starting a business is not an easy feat but growing it and having it give back to you is even more work. For your services to be known, you need to put yourself out there and one good way of achieving this is by creating a website for your business and putting measures in place for your website to attract visitors. Traffic to a website is important for many reasons. The more people see your website, the more potential customers you will have. This will not automatically translate to money but it can if you use the opportunity to grow your business and expand your product line. Here are some ways to boost your site’s visibility and traffic.

Leverage on Search Engine Optimization

One of the most accepted ways to boost your site’s visibility and traffic is through the process of search engine optimization. This is a process of improving the position that your website appears at in the regular search results returned by popular sites such as Google. Usually, websites that appear higher up in the search results will attract more traffic and visibility. Your main aim will be to get to page one but this will also depend on your niche. In some niches like travel space or technology, you will have to spend a lot of money to keep your site high up in the rankings.

So, how do you know if you stand a chance in your niche? This is where an SEO audit comes in. It analyzes how well your web presence relates to best practices and the first step to creating an implementation plan that will have measurable results. You can call for the services of an SEO expert to help conduct this audit and it will be good to get professionals in the location of your business. For example, if you are situating your business in London, you can get an SEO audit in London by engaging professionals that are based there. They will know how the niche you are into thrives in that region.

Make use of social media

Another way to boost your site’s visibility is by publicizing it on social media. Almost everyone has a presence on social media these days and truth be told is that the majority of people that visit social media platforms are passers-by who just want to check out the latest news, and know what is trending. If you are very active on social media and already have so many followers, you can use the opportunity to advertise your website and include a link that will lead people to it. You can use Twitter for short and snappy links. Google my business can help your site appear in local search results. Pinterest and Instagram with their high-definition platforms will be the ideal options for a business-to-customer product company.

Do advertisements

Taking paid search, media advertising, and display advertising options are all fruitful ways of attracting traffic to your website and building your brand too. This will make your site more visible. You can adjust your paid strategies to suit your objectives of either just more traffic or traffic with conversions. You can target high commercial intent keywords as part of the paid search strategies if you are hoping that more traffic to your site will result in more sales and hence more profit. There is stiff competition for these search terms but the rewards are usually worth the effort.

Share unique and engaging contents

The reality of owning a business is that you know you are competing with many people who are also into the same business. You can only thrive without much effort if you create a unique niche that is breaking grounds and solving an aspect of human problems. If you are in a niche as much as many others, and depending on how many, you will need to create engaging content that would stand out above your competitors. Your voice of authority would get people excited about coming to your site. Hosting a webinar, creating blog posts, posting educational videos that you produced, and answering questions on social media are some of the examples of content that would make you boost your site’s visibility and traffic.

Support a cause and do promotions

Most people that are into business do that for the money always. It shouldn’t be all about you every time. Try to show your customers that you care also by humanizing your brand a little and supporting one cause or the other. They might repay you by helping you advertise your brand and hence bring in more traffic. For instance, you can do some giveaways in the early stage of birthing your website or show support for a nonprofit organization that is on the same page as you regarding your business values. You can also give free gifts for every purchase. Acts like these attract a lot of traffic and will definitely boost your visibility.

Final word

With more than 75% of the world’s population having one online presence or the other, It would mean that the easiest way to reach people without leaving your home is on the internet space. This makes owning a website a priority if you own a business and want to be successful at it. You can build a house in a community of many houses, but if you want your house to be noticed by passers-by, you must introduce ideas that will make it stand out at first glance. This is not an exception when you create your website. Boosting your site’s visibility and traffic will bring you advantages and these tips here can help you with what you need to do to achieve that traffic.



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