Fav now integrates with WordPress for Joomla

Here at ‘corePHP’ we are dedicated to bringing you the high quality products that your site deserves. Recently we released Fav, a like/dislike and rating system like no other. We have many features that we will be releasing over the course of the coming months. Our recent release for Fav now integrates with WordPress for Joomla another product by ‘corePHP’. Now your users not only can like your Joomla content but also your WordPress content. Get to understand your users by seeing their likes, and ratings throughout your complete WordPress for Joomla site.


Fav not only works great with WordPress for Joomla but also works seamlessly when you turn multisite on. You can give your bloggers more tools to effectively understand the audience they are speaking to.

‘corePHP’ now offers a awesome bundle so you can get WordPress for Joomla and Fav at a discounted rate. If you purchase both units separate it would cost $98.94. ‘corePHP’ would like to offer our bundle at a discounted rate. Now you are able to get both products at a $15.94 discount. That is an amazing price of  $83.00 for both products.

Time to understand your users and your content with WordPress for Joomla / Fav Combo.

Buy Fav and WordPress for Joomla Bundle $83.00

Buy Fav – $28.95


Michael Pignataro
VP of Operations


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