A lot of people consider IT networking to be an appealing career. Nevertheless, it is one of the most popular carriers not only among the youth but older people. Now some argue that there is a serious lack of qualified people in this industry. Some also think networking is a fairly easy way to gain a good position in a fast-growing corporation. Nowadays it is the most sought after and high-paid job in the USA.

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What skills should you have to get success in networking career?


The ability to listen, write and read is one of the key conditions for any work and especially work in networking. It is important to be able to communicate correctly because very often you will have to explain to colleagues your requirements so that they will understand you right on the first try. If you can do it, you can freely communicate with different people, no matter who they are designers or customers. Reading technical documentation, correspondence and live communication is what can await you in the workflow.

  • Indicate the technical documentation that you wrote or describe successful negotiations with the client.
  • If you have signed contracts, specify this as well.
  • If you were a mentor or teacher, you can include this fact in your resume.

Analytics and research

If it comes to networking career, then the ability to monitor and analyze the information, examine various web resources may be very useful in work, because a lot of decisions are made on the basis of analysis and monitoring.

  • Indicate the tools you used for analysis, for example, Google Analytics.
  • Describe the experience of collecting and analyzing information: reporting, writing technical articles for the particular website.

The ability to present a material

The skill of presenting a material interestingly and effectively is very important. This can help you attract new customers or investors: do not miss the chance to write this skill in your resume.

  • If you have ever created/organized a presentation, add this to your resume.
  • Consider describing specific activities you have provided during the important meetings.

What technical skills a good specialist should obtain?

Image editing

Networking carrier often requires photo editing skills. The companies are searching for specialists who can cope with Photoshop or Canva.

  • Specify the tools that you used (Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva).


HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the foundation of any website. That is why it is a must skill for designers, website developers, and digital marketers. You can learn HTML and practice it in your current work, regardless of whether you format news or customize something on your company’s website. No less important it is to be experienced in CSS.

Responsive Web Design Principles

Responsive web design means to design for any device: PC, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Working in IT may require knowledge of these principles. Since they are useful to both the developer and the designer, you can start learning them after HTML and CSS. Fortunately, there are tons of courses, videos on Youtube and books on this subject.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Currently, each company has its own website. Online business is developing and it’s therefore important to pay attention to SEO. This factor affects how your site will be ranked in search results.

You do not have to work in a WEB studio to start dealing with SEO. You can register your site in Google Analytics yourself and start getting statistics data to analyze user behavior and working in IT will not be so boring anymore.

  • Indicate the tools you used (Moz Pro, Yoast SEO plugin, SEMRush).

The last but not the least, to start a networking career, you should complete specialization in Computer Networking by obtaining PG, IIT, NIT and so on. Or you can achieve vendor certifications such as CCNA, CCNP, CCIE or JNCIA, JNCIP, JNCIE and so on. But most importantly, believe in yourself and you will achieve awesome results in your career!



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