How To Design Emails For The Mobile World

Mobile email has become a buzz word of the email marketing world in the last year or so, as the usage and popularity of mobile and tablet devices continue to experience exponential growth. Since a lot of people have been using their smartphones to go surf online, check their emails and more, the brands identified the need of changing as well as optimizing their mobile offers.

Issues In Mobile Emails

The consumers are somewhat demanding when it comes to the fast paced world of issues in mobile emailstechnology as well as expert brands to make the needed advancements just to serve their needs as their consumption habits started to change. Of course, this doesn’t come with its very own set of challenges and a lot of brands have been struggling just to keep up with the difficulties in which email can bring in today’s technology. Most of the issues in mobile emails are related with the design of such mailers. It is something that is totally easy to amen if you only know what you have to look out for.

From the year 2011 to 2012, the 4 email open on mobile devices actually grew by more than 83 percent. These days, most people have their very own smartphone or tablet and chose to open their emails using them. No matter how great your content is, if you aren’t providing a good email design that can work to mobile design platforms, then people will surely miss out the real message of your messages. These gadgets are changing the face of web design in a fast rate. With about 70% of the people are using hand-held device as their crucial way of accessing the world wide web, people should start thinking about the small screen when creating applications as well as websites.

On the other hand, if you are thinking about playing first in the game, making your brand on the top of the hot list and getting more and more customers, it would be totally ideal for you to consider the best ways on how to design emails for the mobile world.

Here are some of the best tips that you can surely use in the real world:

Fonts :

FONTSYou want your potential clients to know the real purpose why you send those emails to them, right? Well, if you would like to effectively spread the latest news about your brand, making your fonts bigger and bolder would be best. When it comes to mobile emails, the fonts need to be set larger than what is used for the traditional emails. The iOS has its minimum font size of 13 pixels and will adjust anything smaller than that. The only thing is that, not all of the operating systems in these smartphones are intuitive. So, to avoid people squinting whenever they see your email, make it sure that the font size of the content is about 14px, while the headlines need to be 22px or so.

Call to action :

CALL TO ACTIONWith any email design, the part for call to action needs to be apparent and strong. Due to the limited space of the screen for which these mobiles provide, it actually makes a lot of sense for you to put the call-to-action in the front and center. Moreover, it needs to have a big and unmistakable button which measures about 44x44px.

Column layout :

Column layoutTo make it a lot easier for your readers or potential customers to read your email on their mobile devices, it is advisable for you to switch into a single or skinny column layout instead of those multiple column ones, which are used usually for the email newsletters. Using a single column layout will provide the design a more professional and “not-so-crowded” page design.

Images :

Images For mobile emails, making use of the images is highly essential. The images might seem a bit tricky for both of the mobile and traditional emails. Unluckily, image blocking default on most of the clients for mobile email. So, it is essential to think about how your brand would be using the images, and make sure that you balance them with HTML texts.

Design :

Tablets and smartphones are made with tDesignouch screen displays, of course. This only means that the users are using their fingers instead of buttons or mouse pointers to traverse their digital communications. This then results to the design being bigger and better. The bigger font sizes, buttons for easy browsing, and enough line spaces for those of the clumsy fingers are needed. On the other hand, when it comes to the mobile display, less is always more. Simplicity is always beauty, so over-designing your mobile display will not surely work. The screen real-estate is somewhat limited when it comes to mobile, so using a more elaborate design without much of details will not distract your potential customers or readers.

Text :

TextWhen it comes to the texts, you have to be brief and concise. There’s only a very limited space so you should think of the most concise way to convey the message of your brand and simply stick with that. The smartphone and tablet users are always on-the-go and might have been checking their emails while engaging in other activities, so keeping it brief but sweet will surely work great for you.

Better ergonomic :

Better ergonomicGetting the right size for mobile screen might deem to be a lot of work for some of the dedicated mobile users. However, if you only use the essential buttons within the easy reach of the thumb, everything will work just great. A button that could take the user to the sales portal is highly essential and needs to be clicked very easily.


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