How To Select Appropriate Fonts For Your Website

A successful design needs to always look great, attractive. Fonts are a huge part of that as they help you to tell a story. Every single web designer out there needs to know as much as possible about choosing the most suitable fonts. Choosing fonts is generally complicated and choices have to be made appropriately for everything from web design to billboard design. The good news is that you do not have to worry as much as with printing, where even choosing high quality cartridges is needed. With web design, we basically need to think about the following facts.

Serif Fonts And Sans Serif Fonts

You constantly hear about these font types in web design. They are used in text bodies. No matter what font you would choose, the first decision you make is selecting between the two. A serif font includes small lines or strokes that will extend from symbol and letter ends. Lines will make characters more distinct and the serif text is thus easier to read. A serif font is particularly effective in main body text, headings or documents that are to be printed.

A sans serif font will lack those lines. The text becomes harder to read because of the lack of extras. The sans serif fonts will be preferred for headlines, captions and documents that are technical in nature. Also, these are fonts that are really easy to read on a computer. You want to use sans serif on a site that is clean, modern, uncluttered or/and technical.

Locating Common Fonts

Operating systems basically have different fonts so you need to seriously consider the use of common fonts for your website. There are many fonts that look great on a PC (like Arial) and fonts that will look better on Mac computers (like Geneva).Some are great for both types of computers (like Verdana).

The best thing you can do, especially if you are about to create a site alone, is to use a font that is already installed on Macs and PCs. The alternative would be to install and use Google Fonts, which would be automatically drawn in from the Google servers. You may consider using web hosting packages that have some sort of automatic connection with fonts.

Choosing Great Fonts

The most common serif fonts are Georgia and Times New Roman while the sans serif fonts that are completely safe are Verdana, Arial and Trebuchet. Take a look at the suitable Google fonts so that you can find something that can appear on all computers without difficulty.

Start your choice with the fonts used for the main body text. Then, choose a font for sub-headings and non-graphic headings. It can be contrasting or the same font. The overall website design decides what style is suitable. Always think about the message that the page would convey.

Custom Styles

Obviously, you can add interest and style to text by using style attributes. That helps you to convey a better message. You can easily add color, capitals, bold, underline, italic or just use the font as plain. Make sure that you do not overuse styling since that can hurt the overall design. Colors should be utilized in order to make a clear message stand out.


As soon as you choose fonts, you have to think about font attributes and sizes, together with choices that you would code inside style sheets. Many see fonts as not being important when a site is created. A lot more interest is put on graphics and colors.

You need to realize that no matter how many tech tips websites like Tech Surprise you read, the basics are those that convey quality. It is very important that you choose fonts that are perfect since that will act as a business card for your entire company. Fonts establish the mood so be sure you will choose correctly.


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