‘corePHP’ Expanding Support Team

Our Support Staff

Over the course of the past few months, our products have seen a drastic increase in sales and support questions. Due to the increase, we needed a more robust support team, so we’d like to welcome top-notch support specialists Collin Ferguson and Matt Garlets to our team. Andy will no longer be alone in the fight against bugs and configuration problems.

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We listen to our audience and the reviews we get on the JED. Many of them wanted faster support. We also wanted faster support for you, our community. We hope you find that our new support personnel friendly and responsive to your questions and support.

We would like to welcome…

Collin Ferguson — Support Specialist:

Collin comes to ‘corePHP’ with a great enthusiastic attitude to bring you superior support. He is completely self taught in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and currently expanding his knowledge in PHP.

From the words of Collin, “I am excited to be part of the ‘corePHP’ team! I find joy in helping with any problems or questions you have and will try my best to steer you in the correct direction towards solving any issues. I take pride in good customer service and look forward to hearing from you!”

Matt Garlets — Support Specialist:

Matt comes to us with a wealth of technical knowledge. He has be around computers for most of his life and has grown with the technology. Matt truly enjoys interacting with people on a daily basis. His cheerful personality is a great fit for our office and we hope you feel the same when you are working with him on support issues.

We also can not forget our leader of the support team:

Andy Poorman — Support Manager & Developer

Andy began programming in his teens and transitioned into web development in 2002. Having coded frameworks and developed several web applications, he knows the sort of issues that can arise when installing or configuring software on the web.

Andy’s ability to think creatively allows him to ascertain issues that the community may have with our products and address them quickly. If you’ve got a problem, yo he’ll solve it.

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Looking forward to keep bringing you high quality products, support and services.


Michael Pignataro
VP of Operations


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