Avoid The Dangers of Obsolete E-Commerce Software

Time flies, and things become old and unstable. Your e-commerce store is no exception. Just like your car will break down one day if you don’t maintain it periodically, your online store can face the same fate. Avoid the risks, because the results can be devastating to you and to your customers.

An obsolete store not only causes problems while operating, but can also act as a repellent toward your current and future customers, without you even knowing about it. Here are three checkpoints to consider, in order to improve your online sales, and keep your site up to date…

Responsive, Positive Customer Experience

As the world adapts to modern design trends such as responsive web design and flat design, having an online store with a vintage look and non-responsive template can and will definitely leave a bad impression on your customers — especially your new prospects.

Customers visiting your online store probably don’t know about your service, unless they were recommended by someone who had a positive experience shopping at your store. Their first impression of your store will play a determining role in whether or not they will make their first purchase, and become a returning customer.

A well architected Customer Experience and mobile-ready responsive design are two major advantages needed to instill a sense of trust by your new and returning customers.

Abandoned Carts

Keeping your software fresh and new will reduce the number of abandoned carts and incomplete transactions. Your e-commerce store works hand in hand with its hosting environment and payment gateways and other external factors, in order to help make the whole transaction possible. Software for your hosting environment, payment gateway and your e-commerce software itself are updated regularly to so as to provide security patches, as well as provide for the best experience for your customers.

Keeping all your software updated on a realtime basis (if possible) is mission critical for your online business. Obsolete software leads to failed or incomplete transactions, and before long, that may incur huge losses for you. Why take the risk? Be sure your developer is keeping all of your software up to date on your site and your hosting environment, and avoid abandoned carts which are often caused by faulty, obsolete software.

Security Vulnerabilities

Obsolete software leaves your business open to various kinds of attacks by hackers around the world who want to steal sensitive information such as credit card information and other vital customer information.

Quality-checked new software has the latest security measures to prevent various kinds of hacking attempts, but as time goes by, hackers and and do crack the security, find loopholes in your system, and before long, they’re in. It’s critically important to work with a development firm (like ‘corePHP’) that is constantly working on proactive security and defense measures for its e-commerce and supporting software.

‘corePHP’ Can Keep Your Software Evergreen

We at ‘corePHP’ provide custom made software to run your online business along with providing readymade solutions like paGO Commerce. Whether you need a cloud-based or ground-based solution, If and when you need any help in improving your online customer experience, contact us, we will be happy to assist you with an e-commerce development solution that’s suited to your business.

Image Credit: Barnabás Szivák at Flickr


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