8 Tips to Make Your WordPress Blog More Interesting and Less Boring

No matter if you are running a blog in order to express your personal or professionals stands on different matters or you keep the blog as a part of your business website so that visitors could stay a bit longer on your platform or get some amusing and valuable information, it’s is imperative that you don’t get the audience bored while browsing through the content you’ve prepared. Since WordPress is one of the most popular solutions for bloggers due to its simplicity, ease of use, and the fact that it provides a series of free options for enhancement and performance upgrade, we’ll discuss how you can make your WP blog more interesting to your readers.

1. Design matters

The design of your blog matters at more levels than you might be aware of, which is why you should always look for new ways of upgrading the visuals. Anything from bringing in some interesting fonts, to background color or images, and different widgets that allow seamless navigation through existing content. Overall, the most important aspect of your design is its appeal to your target audience. Even if you prefer a completely different page design, you have to make it close to your readers. If you hit the spot with your viewers and keep up with their preferences, your blog will be interesting as well as popular with the crowd.

2. Mind the text formatting

Imagine if your entire blog post would be a single endless paragraph, without any breaks within the content that would signify the beginning and the end of your thesis. Unless your preferred method of dealing with written assignments in school was to go and essay paper, you’ve probably learned by now that you have to break text into paragraphs, provide subheadings, or throw in some bullet points, just to spice up the overall look of your text.

Long paragraphs and unformatted content is difficult to read and makes it hard to separate the subtopics, which can annoy the audience and make them want to leave your page. Make sure that every section of your blog post is separated into distinguishable subcomponents unless you want to bore your readers away.

3. Use images

Images make your blog posts seem more interesting by adding to the visual diversity and break of the monotony, especially if you use a white background and black color font. Furthermore, images are also there to add another perspective to what you have to say about a certain topic, after all, a picture is worth a thousand words, they say.

WordPress allows you to place images all over your post and, using a few plugins, there’s almost anything you can accomplish through image placement. Furthermore, you can go on and place feature image, which allows readers to have a glimpse of the post before they even open it. If you play your cards right, a featured image can serve as an additional attraction that will compel the viewer to click on the post even if the title doesn’t seem interesting enough.

4. Keep up with the trends

Your audience wants to be informed about the most recent news and events related to your niche. The only way to satisfy the viewers’ hunger for fresh content is to keep up with the latest trends, research recent events, and create content that’s as fresh as it can be. You can utilize the Google trends tool in order to search for the latest trending topics and build your content strategy according to available data.

In case you are running a blog as part of your business and you’re time-restrained which disables you from regular posting, you can always search for alternatives and contact an essay writing service that provides web content as well as Dissertation Today to create the content for your blog. With fresh content every day, you will certainly keep your audience amused and eager to read new blog posts on your page.

5. Engage readers in discussion

This one is easier said than done, but it’s one of the best ways to keep people interested in coming back to your blog and reading new posts, as well as revisit some older publications. The most effective way to start a discussion in comments is to ask your audience for their opinion on the topic you were processing in your post. As there are different opinions even among people that share common interests, it’s very likely that with just a few comments you’ll see a fiery discussion starting in no time. And who doesn’t enjoy a good online quarrel?

6. Use links within the posts

When you’re trying to make a point, you usually do so by providing proof for your arguments. In a blog post, you want to link the sources to information you’re presenting to the readers, especially if you’re talking about statistics, scientific data, or other types of research results. For example, if you’re writing about a piece of information that you read on the best essay review make sure to place the link to the source using a proper anchor text. The importance of anchor text is not only for SEO purposes, but it also looks better than simply pasting the link to the source.

It would be best if you use a lot of internal links, that would guide the audience to your own content because then your blog would get a better rating but also display a certain amount of authenticity.

7. Create top lists

Among all online content, top lists are some of the most favorite types of blog posts there are. It’s difficult to point a finger on a single reason why such content attracts the audience but it’s clear that they are among the easiest to digest, provide a lot of insight, and they help the audience find alternative solutions to ones they already have at hand, according to Freelancer.

The fact that top lists are easy to create means that it won’t take too much of your time to prepare a blog post. However, if you’re deep into research for a more serious topic, hiring an assignment writing service uk can help you keep the followers amused while you’re preparing a juicier piece of content.

8. Place videos

There are numerous reasons why videos are performing better than any other type of content. Among many, one of the main reasons is because people prefer watching your content than reading it. In addition, video material combines words, music, and visuals, making it easier to explain your point to the audience. According to sources, video content gets 1200 percent more shares than any other type of content, which means that videos are engaging the crowd.

It doesn’t matter if you’re creating your own videos or using someone else’s content, it’s important that you keep in mind the performance of your page. Therefore, it’s best if you simply embed the video from an external source than uploading it directly to your website because it can make your blog run slowly, and the audience doesn’t like to wait forever until a page opens.


These are just some of the tips that you can use in order to make your blog posts more interesting to the audience. It all depends on your niche and the type of audience that you attract. However, always keep in mind that the viewers value, above all, authenticity and regular posts. Make sure to engage your audience and feel their pulse regularly, so you could determine your future steps. Try different things, experiment as much as you can, but most of all – always work on enhancing your skills and expanding your knowledge.

A free, extra tip: try and create as much evergreen content as you can, people love to read posts that never lose their value. Furthermore, evergreen content makes for a perfect resource that other bloggers could use, thus enhancing your blog’s authority and online rating.

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