7 Hot Trends in Advertising

Due to the internet’s ease of accessibility, it has taken the advertising industry by storm with numerous companies taking to the online portal to advertise their products and services to a global audience. The only thing is that, the latest research figures actually proves that the most effective kind of advertising continues to be the print media.

With the digital world we have these days, you can surely reach more focused group of consumers who would like to buy your offerings online. According to some advertising agencies around, the online medium is a lot better for purchasing for the reason that the level of comfort that it offers for the people doesn’t need to go for long distances to make the purchase.

When it comes to the studies and trends, some of the best and top ad agencies feel that when it is all about advertising, the magazines and newspapers actually prove to be far more effective. This is all for the reason that the consumers are putting more trust in the newspapers as well as magazines when compared to online advertising. These media simply makes the ads genuine, not to mention that they are paying for them. In some cases, online advertising is free and so, the chances of fraud is higher.

The digital advertising ecosystems is evolving swiftly these days, as the marketers strive to adapt to the new platforms, ad formats and devices. With all these things going on, it could be somewhat hard to keep track of the newest developments. That is the reason why we chose to shed some light on these seven hot trends in advertising:

1 : Mobile is BIG

Mobile is not anymore an emerging trend, as it is already a material. Mobile sets everything higher when it comes to traffic and revenue for the platforms and publishers. According to some experts, the mobile will grow faster than the overall market for the conceivable future. There’s about 30% of all web traffic coming from the tablets and smartphones. So, if you want to standout, formulating ads that works best for the mobile will help you bigtime. One of the best examples for mobile marketing is the Nordstrom Promo codes, Nordstrom has also taken the mobile industry as their marketing platform.

2 : Social is important

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest and other social networking websites can help you a lot when it comes to advertising. In Facebook, there’s about 800 million people in it every day. Simply imagine reaching all of these people and half or all of them find your ad amusing and interesting? Instant clients, right? Both YouTube and Twitter have taken considerable steps to woo the brands being used to buying media on the television. YouTube now allows Nielsen to measure their audience the way it does television and Twitter allows brands to capitalize on their real-time chatter with the promoted tweets running at the same time as the TV ads. Moreover, Facebook also trumpets that it has a bigger prime-time audience and better measurement tools than the television.

3 : Views are the standard

Keep in mind, most of the online ads are somewhat placed where the users aren’t able to see them, which is one of the biggest issues marketers face right now. The only thing is that, major online networks such as Google, are offering solutions that could help all brands and even their media buying agencies to ensure that their ads could be easily viewed prior to buying them. As a matter of fact, Google started offering the ad buyers the chance to purchase ads only in the places on a certain page where the users can easily see them.

4 : Online Video and Television as one

One thing you might have already heard repeatedly from the advertising executives is the idea for which in future, you’ll think of the video as singular medium notwithstanding the screen it has viewed on or how it’s being delivered. Devices such as Smart TVs allow people to traditionally watch the desktop-native contents from YouTube directly to their television and the apps from TV Everywhere can let people watch TV content on their phones and computers. Such union has easily accelerated with the Dish and the big rights deal of Disney, which easily paves the way for Dish to offer an internet-based streaming content service. This only means bigger audience and possible portal for the growth of your business.

5 : Digital Video is on the rise

According to a recent report from eMarketer, the United States is spending on the online video ads increments by 44.5% for the previous year and made another big jump this year. As a matter of fact, the eMarketer even predicts the digital video ad spend, which sum up to $4.18 billion in the year 2013, will even grow all the way to $12.27 billion in the year 2018. For all of those who are starting up their businesses, the wireless networks are becoming wild enough to stream videos to the mobile devices, making videos as the best alternative for those banner ads. Moreover, since the pre-roll video ads could catch more of the viewers’ attention than the good old ad formats, the advertisers are willing to pay more than twice as much for it. This then results to the publishers around to invest manpower, precious time and money in order to produce videos and be able to capitalize on the higher prices.

6 : The Internet is King

Simply imagine those smart objects surrounding every one of us in the smart homes, streets, and even offices each and every day. Inside your home, there are smart objects as well as appliances that can easily monitor their environment, report their status, obtain instructions easily and take action based upon the information they got from your computer, tablets and smartphones. This will actually start an era when everyone will not anymore search for things, but search for us and the location-based marketing becomes omnipresent.

7 : Collective economy

The open and cooperative economy will definitely create a real disruption for every business around. The phenomenon of consumers are creating products and content, sharing every bit of ideas and resources with each other is on the rise.


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