5 web design rules for greater business success


The digitalized markets of the 21st century ask a lot more from businesses than just a static website. To capitalize on the abundant opportunities to captivate human readers, all the ecommerce websites need to be optimized, interactive, and functional for the user.

The internet has a plethora of poorly designed websites that contain technical and content glitches and have contributed to the outbreak of delinquency in the online spaces. 2019 is the year where we must put an end to not only bad websites but particularly lousy web design practices that lead to failure.

Keeping a positive mindset will boost your chances of achieving goals, but it is often not enough to ensure prosperity. Speaking specifically of the developing web sector, the over-saturated market does not leave a leaf unturned to benefit personally. Despite the positive influences of tense competition, availability of multiple options, even in the smallest niches sets up many companies for disaster.

The truth is that the web design and development industry requires you to be at the best of your creativity while creating innovative solutions to everyday problems. Here is a list of top practices that will help you find a way out in the convoluted labyrinth of web design. This article will take you through the perspectives of customers and creators to inform you about the best web design rules that ensure success commercially.


Creating a plan of action for web design may seem common sense, but you shall be amazed to realize how many people fail to have an initial idea.

Web designers in their days of naiveté and ambitiousness fail to look at the bigger picture when they begin the process of creation and coding. Rewriting the codes for a website is not only a waste of time but also energy. You can avoid this unnecessary chaos by having a prior plan in place that highlights your priorities and gives you clear instructions about the purpose and theme of your contract.

Priority is given to user experience

Professionals like Appverticals working on customized web designs are aware of the crucial role played by user experience. A well-thought-out plan that accommodates smooth transitions and presents creativity in essential elements attracts a higher rate of investments and positions you as a genuine entity in the market. 75% of the project is research, while only a quarter is programming.

The user experience must create a balance between two things: subtle clues and blatant promotion. The customer is the uncrowned monarch that defines what the market does. Hence why it is necessary for web designers to understand what the target audience expects from a product, any delinquency in the process of research can potentially lead to severe loss resources, time, and energy.

We would suggest you take a smarted approach towards code. Overwriting a code to look smart can be overruled by the simplicity of a robust system that is compatible with the user and also the creating company. A customer deserves to be prioritized through the lens of your client. Code must be written only for definitive purposes to avoid any chaos. Remember that: brevity is the soul of wit- and also code!

Keep in mind that progress takes time

Development is not an event but a process. It requires a series of continuous trial and error throughout. Making incremental changes during a project helps reduce the chance of a major pitfall. Being practical and scoring singles, instead of trying to hit a grand-slam home run at the first attempt would stop you from performing well at all.

Remember to code for the present

The digital age asks you to have a strong presence on the internet and an authoritative position in SEO. We understand your need to predict what trends would work in the future to beat the critical competition in the market. The practice of disregarding the needs of the present to prioritize a futuristic idea is like shutting down an eatery at lunchtime while hoping to make sales in the snow and floods. Your user experience can suffer significantly if you depend too much on a hypothetical situation and lead to a long-lasting negative impact. We suggest you create backend as a rescue plan. They would become your net in the event of a fall and also provide sufficient time for you to bounce back with full momentum.

Flexibility matters

Your code needs sufficient flexibility in your web design to let you have a complete overhaul- in case of rejection. Flexibility would let you save money and also time! It is best to test the code and consider testing as a crucial element. Writing an overcomplicated or illegible code is an error every professional must avoid at all costs.

Other web design rules for greater business success include:

  • Speed: the design must showcase quick loading times. Customers prefer websites that load quickly and don’t waste time. Using lighter images and smooth transition in codes are accessible alternatives.
  • Mobile-friendliness: The world today is encapsulated to one’s palm when they use a mobile phone. Hence why we suggest that you make your website as mobile-friendly as possible, long gone are the days when desktop sites were the talk of the town. As developers, it is essential to remember that mobile-friendliness is a crucial element to the success of an ecommerce site.
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization is the Rosetta stone for finding a higher number of conversions and making it big in the market. Whether it is the client, the customer, or even the creator, SEO works in favor of all!
  • Social media: Social media is a powerful leverage point that you cannot ignore! Allowing the users to quickly access your social media to read reviews or look at your services can help you out in the long run. Try to create an authentic look by posting consistently.


We believe that 2019 is the year of an online renovation. It is not necessary to go overboard with grand gestures and overhauls. You can make a huge a difference by merely shifting the focus towards simplicity and functionality. These relatively painless practices from above would help you reach all the goals that you have created for yourself in the present and also in the future, long run.

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