10 Joomla Extensions That You Should Try in 2021

Joomla is a popular content management system (CMS) developed in PHP and JavaScript. You might lack some tech-savvy skills, but various extensions for your Joomla site can help hit your business targets fast and easily. Such tools are designed to improve front/end, user experience, and even SEO. As an administrator, you can add any of these extensions at any time – find out what they can do!


Joomla Content Editor

More than 80 percent of site owners use this tool. The main features include an opportunity to limit uploads to user-specified directories, increased media display, and profiles to link users or groups. With the help of JCE, it is possible to add images and videos. The tool contains a special feature for checking grammar, punctuation, and spelling. The extension is also useful for structuring and formatting entire pieces of content. There is no need for special education and training as this instrument is simple enough if you follow the clear guidelines.


No matter which CMS you use, you should work with search engine optimization (SEO) to make it effective. Instead of hiring a separate SEO experts team, it is possible to set up a simple extension to save money.

This extension ensures that the website sticks to all the recommendations in terms of SEO best practices. Currently, it is the most demanded and effective tool for these purposes.

The extension rewrites the URL to make the site more user-friendly. It deals with plagiarized/copied content, analytics, SMM, and various mistakes. sh404SEF has an editor for metadata to make your pages hit Google top. The tool copes with all the “dirty” and messy tasks that may take plenty of time if done manually. With this instrument, you will avoid 404 errors that irritate users so much.

Spam Protect Factory

Your website should be totally secure to attract users and prevent different kinds of fraud. Most of the safety instruments make it possible to exclude IP addresses with certain threats to your platform. However, a cybercrime expert may have multiple pages with various IP addresses.

Sometimes, you may need to block regions instead of individual addresses to guarantee your site’s safety. That is when you may benefit from using Spam Protect Factory that makes your portal avoid viruses, malware, and more. Your sign-in page will then be protected.


If you want your business to sell better, involve the best email marketing practices. First of all, you should come up with an email list. ACYMailing possesses plenty of scripts and elements to expand the list of contacts interested in your product or service (or might be). It is possible now to automatically add a user to your list upon the sign-up process.

YT Shortcode

If you want the best results, it is better to get the most recent version, which is 3. You can find this tool on the so-called Joomla Extensions Directory (JED). It is currently the selling hit. You can apply this solution to Joomla 3.9 and Joomla 4 beta.

The user interface is updated and simple, offering more than sixty-five shortcodes that you can use to ease your work with the website. The tool is fully customizable so that you can adapt it to your needs. The library is full of codes, such as:

  • Image gallery
  • Testimonials
  • Divider
  • Calculator
  • Tabs
  • Sitemap
  • Buttons

You should not be an advanced user to apply the functions to your website. The codes that you can find in the library support many elements you might be aware of: HTML module, K2, Hikashop, etc. It is possible to mix two or more shortcodes to work fast.

Sparky Template Framework

Do you need to remove or fully change any of the existing or already created Joomla templates? It becomes as easy as ABC if you get this extension. It is tech a native tool for Joomla but still compatible and rather effective. Think about the components you wish to see in your templates and use Sparky Template Framework to speed up the process.

Akeeba Backup

One day, you risk losing all the data if you do not manage to keep a duplicate of your website. Until that, you are at high risks. If you are not sure how to backup things, use a helper known as Akeeba Backup. It is hard to imagine the owner of a Joomla-based site without this component.

The idea is to come up with a full website backup and store it safely so that you can access it at any time. Thanks to this tool, one can move platforms with the entire content or deploy them to users’ servers. You will obtain access to all pages in one archive, which is rather convenient. The archive also has the Joomla installer. Akeeba Backup is brain-dead easy to use, and reliable.


Almost every business needs a blog. WP and Joomla are the best solutions for blogging. You do not need years of experience to create your own blog – unique and engaging content is enough. EasyBlog includes:

  • Social network support
  • Access management
  • Notifications
  • Team blogging
  • Support for many third parties

The latest version is the fifth one. You can apply the drag-and-drop principle to create different original blocks. The recent version also allows adding an original text editor.

Encrypt Configuration

You should not forget to encrypt the sign-in page to prevent different types of cyberattacks, malware, and fraud. You may either get Let’s Encrypt or Encrypt Configuration for your site. If you use one, hackers will not hack your account and use it for their purposes. You may use advanced tools over time, but Encrypt Configuration might be the right solution for you if you wish to do it fast.

SJ Filter

This filter for VirtueMart allows categorizing goods based on certain factors. It speeds up the process of buying things that a customer really needs as well as boosts the shopping experience. For instance, it is possible to pick the product based on size, price, color, components, etc. A customer can sort the goods by price to select only those that fall within their budget.

The menus here appear in the shape of drop-downs. Work in the back-end panel to obtain full supervision of various elements and pick the number of goods shown/hidden. You may also decide on the photos and other types of content to describe your offers.

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