WordPress MU for Joomla! 2.7.1 Release

The next release for WordPress MU for Joomla! is here! I have moved all of the WordPress and WordPress MU for Joomla! data and work flow into more organized systems to help speed up development and keep track of bugs, feature requests and plugin requests. After a while, post-its just don’t cut it.

We have opened up an account with LightHouse. This web service allows tracking of tickets, and we are using it to track bugs, feature requests and plugin requests for our WordPress extensions. Soon we’ll also be using it for Community ACL.

If you would like to submit any of the kind of tickets listed above, please head this way:

Click on Create your profile (NOT on Sign up). Bit confusing.
We currently have four projects created:

  • WordPress for Joomla!
  • WordPress for Joomla! Plugins
  • WordPress for Joomla! Requests
  • WordPress MU for Joomla!

The project “WordPress for Joomla! Requests” is for both the single blog and multi-user feature request. The system allows each ticket to have “tags”. Therefore, enter tags such as “wordpress mu” or “wordpress single” if you want a feature for only one of the extensions. This web service has many other features such as replying by mail, so it makes communication about the tickets extremely simple.

So what is new and what is fixed with this new release?

New Features

  • When a user creates a blog they receive an email. This contains information such as a link to their blog and information about how to access the dashboard
  • sh404SEF plugin. Added directly to the component – no more manual install (beta)
  • Caching for the EveryHome template refreshes every hour
  • Support for JomSocial: users’ avatars show up beside their blog post on the EveryHome template
  • Support for Community Builder, users’ avatars show up beside their blog post on the EveryHome template
  • sh404SEF cache is automatically deleted on a per-blog basis when a user updates their permalink structure. Only URLs that are for tags, categories or posts will be deleted
  • Joomla! menus are automatically updated to match the right component ID when performing an upgrade
  • The “Back to Joomla!” link at the top of the dashboard now reads “Back to [Name of your Site]” to avoid confusing users
  • If a user is a member of two blogs, they can pick which blog is their primary blog through the new “My Blogs” menu in the dashboard
  • Fully functional myBlog migrator, will create a blog per user blog in myBlog, and will also migrate comments from JomComment!

Bug Fixes

  • Url hyperlinks on email to user when creating a new blog
  • Fixed bug on install.sql.php – missing an `
  • Replaced copy on install.mysql.utf8.sql for emails sent to user
  • sh404SEF is now correctly detected by wordpress for the global site options
  • CSS fixes to avoid conflicting ID’s for some Joomla! templates and others
  • Sign-up URL is now SEFed
  • Previewing a theme now displays the correct theme on the preview screen
  • Changed the size of the title on the themes from <h1> to <h2>
  • Minor fixes to the Joomla! router.php file
  • Notices and warnings are gone when a user is a member of two different blogs
  • Checking for new versions against the corephp.com server is now fully functional
  • URL for edit comment link
  • Moved the HTML contents from the install.wpmu.php to install.html.php to avoid fatal errors some users were getting.
  • Fixed the double encoding of titles

I don’t think I could have kept track of all that if I keep on writing things on post-its 😉 This is a great release. We are moving forward with WordPress MU for Joomla! and there are other features I still want to implement. What do you want to see in the future? Submit your request here.

With this release also comes an update to the WordPress MU Admin component. If you have that component installed on your site, make sure you update it to the latest release. Also, make sure you fix the menu item after the re-installation.

I am pleased with the help that many people have offered by submitting bug reports, bug fixes, plugins, help on the forums and bug testing. Thank you.
I will have some extra time to provide support on the forums and to start releasing new plugins.



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