WP4J! and WPMU4J! Releases

Excuse the extremely crammed title, but it stands for WordPress for Joomla! and WordPress MU for Joomla! Releases.

Unfortunately our releases do not include 2.8.x because there is still a lot of code that needs to be migrated over. However, our current releases (WP4J! and WPMU4J! fix a lot of bugs and add a few requested features for both extensions. This should significantly decrease the amount of support tickets you have to send in, making your job – and our job – much easier!

So lets start with WordPress for Joomla! Release version

Bug Fixes:

  • Meta widget no longer shows login form
  • Removed many unnecessary CSS styles, IDs and Classes that can conflict with templates
  • Fixed title encoding issues
  • Compatible with sh404SEF to clear only the extensions’ URLs


  • Front-end users can now upload files using the flash uploader


  • Added URLs for wp-cron, post via email, xmlrpc under the writing settings page
  • Added handling of the author variable for SEF
  • Added the sh404SEF plugin to the component – no more manual install
  • Fixed installation issues on some servers, moved HTML content to new file

Good stuff huh?

On to WordPress MU for Joomla! Release version

Bug fixes:

  • Many URL links throughout the extension
  • No more fatal errors on the users page in Site Admin
  • Compatible with sh404SEF to clear only the extensions’ URLs
  • Cron Job URLs are generated correctly
  • Fixed many CSS issues to avoid conflicts with templates
  • Fixed Akismet – now it will activate


  • The feature allowing you to link to different blogs with menu items is now fully functional with Joomla! SEF and sh404SEF. Note: it does not work without SEF.


  • Everyhome template caching now goes by the caching setting in Joomla!’s configuration

To install the new version of the extension, simply uninstall and reinstall. Your template files, media files and database will remain intact as long as you follow the correct steps in your first installation.

We have also added many new videos to our Vimeo account. Please check those out – they can teach you how to solve many common problems. There are also some advanced tips you might like! You can filter the albums to view the type of component you are using.

So that does it. We are still working hard to complete the 2.8.x version. Thank you for your patience.



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