What is Joomla?

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Many of our clients ask us, “What is Joomla?” When they come to us, our clients just know we build websites. And we start to explain how we build the site, our process and the platform we use. When we say we use Joomla, the client is like “huh, Joomla what?” We always explain to them how it is a CMS (Content Management System), and so on. Recently, we came across this amazing video that really explains Joomla, not only in what it does, but also in numbers. It shows us how big Joomla has become over the years. ‘corePHP’ has been there since day one, but wow, we have been so busy building websites and web based applications for our clients, we truly didn’t realize how amazing of a community Joomla has become. Check out the video. We will be sharing this with our clients for sure, as this really tells a great tale of what Joomla is.


Now that you know what Joomla is, contact us today to see how we can assist you with your web development needs.

Vince Baker
‘corePHP’ Contributing Writer


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