How Web Development Has Changed Over the Past Year – All You Need to Know

Think back 10 or 15 years. Smartphones were still not mainstream, and the most popular internet browser was Internet Explorer. Now E-commerce companies, selling products like CBD & more, are relying on mobile experience to convert users. Web development methods were quite different back then. Today, the world of web development is nothing like before. Mobile browsing has overtaken desktops, and customers increasingly demand better digital experiences. Why is all this important?

There are several reasons. If you have a business website, failure to change your website to incorporate the latest technologies and trends can lead to a negative customer experience. If you are a web design company in Toronto or elsewhere, failing to offer the latest technologies and trends will not help you win over any clients. Existing clients will leave negative reviews, impacting your business’s ability to continue running.

Therefore, ensure you are on top of the latest trends and technologies. This article will discuss how web development has changed over the past year or so. The information is helpful for websites and those offering web development services. Without further ado, let us start.

Changes in the Web Development Field


Over the years, internet speeds and demand for high-speed internet have increased considerably. The pandemic has accelerated this demand even further. Previously, website owners refused to upload GIFs because they thought it would reduce website loading times. Secondly, due to slow internet, the GIF will not load properly. These concerns are no longer valid as faster internet speeds have no issue loading GIFs or videos. Hence, we recommend that you start incorporating GIFs into your website.

Micro Animations

Some people mistake micro animations for GIFs. However, they are different. We won’t go into the details. Micro animations are small animations that provide visual feedback or show changes. Most clothing eCommerce stores have now opted for this technology. You might notice that if you hover over a clothing item, the website changes to display the item from different angles. It lets the user know how the product will look from different angles.

Social Media

You might think that social media has been around for a while now. How can it be a recent development? With the rise of an omnichannel approach to sales, social media is now of utmost importance. Businesses must have a comprehensive social media strategy to maximise the benefit. If you are a web design company in Toronto or elsewhere, you must ensure that any eCommerce store you design can effectively leverage social media’s power.


Unfortunately, cybersecurity remains as grave a challenge as it was the year before or decades ago. However, we disagree with this notion. We believe cybersecurity has become a bigger, more serious challenge than before. With almost every data available online, any data leak or breach can have endless repercussions for a business. Therefore, web development experts must utilise the latest tools and technologies to tackle cybersecurity threats.

How We Use the Web

How do you use the web? Primarily through your laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone, right? Times are changing as numerous devices now access the internet in one way or another. Today, smart devices can access the internet and interact with web applications. With the increasing use of internet of things (IoT) devices, how we change the web will transform significantly. Therefore, web development professionals must consider it when developing web apps.

No Code Development

Let us go back 10 or 20 years in time. Web development experts were required to have a college degree or considerable experience related to computer science or IT. Today, it is no longer the case as the future is now in favour of no-code development. There is no need to have a degree/experience in computer science or IT or hire a professional web development company. You don’t need to write long lines of code, either. No code development allows anyone to create web apps with little effort.

However, it does not mean that web development or developers are becoming obsolete. No code development depends on apps that reduce the need for complex coding. Who creates these apps? Of course, the web developers. So, only the roles are changing. You may not need to hire a web development expert to create a web app for your business. But you still require a developer to create the no-code app.

Headless Web Development

Unfortunately, headed website structures are no longer compatible with the ever-changing requirements. Businesses cannot wait to align the back end and front end before undertaking a change. With consumer demands changing continuously, businesses must respond to such requests promptly. Otherwise, the customer will not hesitate to tap or click the ‘X’ button and move to the next website.

Headless web development means decoupling, i.e. separating the front end from the back end. The benefit of headless website architecture is that your front end web experts can work on improving the design and overall customer experience without worrying about the back end. Another benefit is a faster loading time.

n a headless architecture, the website loads quickly primarily due to how content is taken from the content management system. We highly recommend that website owners contact their web development agency or ask their in-house team to evaluate the feasibility of a headless web design.

Hiring a Web Development Company

You may need to hire a web development company to incorporate many of the changes if you don’t have an in-house team. Don’t hire the first company that comes on top of the Google search engine results page. Instead, take your time. Compare what each company is offering and how it adds value to your business. Don’t forget to read the reviews and ensure that everything is noted in a contract, i.e. documented form.


It concludes our article on how web development has changed over the past year. As web development is a vast and complex field, we acknowledge that we may have missed some points. However, this blog post’s purpose is to let website owners and web development experts know they must stop living in the past. They must keep up with the times and promptly incorporate the latest technologies and trends. Otherwise, they will start losing clients and customers.


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