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Web development begins with developing a website to maintaining it. When you want to become a web developer, there are different practices to consider to help you become a better web developer. Starting your web development journey shouldn’t be a struggle when you have the right guide. This post will discuss all you should know about web development practices and tutorials.

7 Web Development Best Practices

Technology is rapidly growing, and many businesses are moving their services online. Having a website is nearly a requirement for any business to gain more clients and create an online presence where clients can interact with their products and services.

With this growing demand for websites, knowing the best practices for web development is an added advantage. You will become more marketable and can comfortably create usable and effective web solutions for businesses.

Here are the seven best web development practices to consider.

Prior Planning

For a successful project, the first thing is to plan before jumping right into coding. You must plan what language to use, how to implement the required features, how to enhance UI and UX, etc.

Once you visualize the project, you can create sketches or prototypes.

After defining everything relating to the project, you can start coding. This approach helps avoid mistakes, making the development process easier and faster.

Cross-platform Usage

When developing a website, you must consider the platforms the end-users use to access it. Hence, you should use options that help you create cross-platform web solutions.

Ideally, your website should support different devices, platforms, and browsers. That way, you attain inclusivity, and anyone can use your website or web app without limitations. Moreover, you make it easy to use the website as no configurations will be required on the user’s side for them to access your website.

Code Smarter

Smart coding saves time and creates readable code. When you employ smart coding skills, you will easily implement different features in your development, making your website easy to debug.

Moreover, you will have fewer lines of code. Smart coding includes using comments, avoiding redundancy, using functions, etc. With smart coding, you can conveniently enhance your website’s performance. Performance metrics such as speed, uptime, and reliability highly rely on the code stricture used in the development.

Website Accessibility

When creating a website, you must ensure it is accessible to everyone. Regarding language, consider adding a translation option such that a visitor can translate the website’s content to their preferred language.

Still, consider people of all types, such as people using small screens with low visibility, the blind, etc. You can add a text-to-speech option such that someone can listen to the content if they can’t view it.

Lastly, learn SEO optimization. That way, you ensure your website can be searched and quickly found by search engines. An optimized website enjoys high traffic and is easier to grow it.

Focus on UX and UI

The user interface design principles must be adhered to achieve a user-friendly and appealing website design. The UI should blend and represent your brand, from consistency to colors to visuals.

Furthermore, you should empathize with users to understand what they need and how best they can enjoy using your website. Once you understand that, you will have attained user experience success for your website. By blending UI and UX, you will easily retain visitors while meeting their expectations.

Mobile Responsiveness

A modern approach to web development is ensuring it is mobile responsive. You should accommodate every screen size such that someone accessing the website using a phone, desktop, tablet, big screen, etc., is accommodated.

In your code, adjust the display size of the website to achieve mobile responsiveness. Ensure the panels or widgets properly align themselves in different display sizes. Search engines highly rank mobile responsive sites.

QA Testing

Once you’ve developed your project, you must test it. You test metrics such as usability, performance, security, interoperability, etc.

Through testing, you get to detect errors in the project and assess whether you meet the required user expectations. A well-tested project will easily meet the user’s needs while offering them an easy process to solve their needs.

To achieve comprehensive QA testing, you need to hire QA tester to assess whether your web project meets the required quality assurance standards. Once it passes the QA testing, you can deploy the project and share it with your clients or social networks.

Best Web Development Tutorials

We’ve seen the seven best web development practices you should consider when becoming a web developer. The next step is to discuss the different resources you can use to become a competent web developer.

The list below mentions the best platforms to get the best web development tutorials from different tutors. Take a look!


Udemy is among the leading platform offering thousands of courses in different niches. You can easily find the best-rated web development courses on Udemy and enroll. In the end, you will get a certification.


With LearnCode.academy, you can follow their web development guides and tutorials on YouTube or their platform. They have excellent tutors and a clear web developer roadmap.


Their web development tutorials are practical without excluding theory. They give clear guidelines on how to become a web developer. You can enroll in their free web development courses.


Coursera offers numerous web development courses. You can get free courses or enroll to get certified web development courses for different categories, including frontend, backend, or full-stack.


Another resource for intensive and clear web development courses is FreeCodeCamp. Any newbie programmer can find their place on this platform. For experienced or intermediate programmers, there are resources to sharpen your skills.


Web development is a lucrative career when you have the required skills. This post has discussed the seven best web development practices you should adhere to. Moreover, we’ve mentioned five web development tutorial resources you can use to become a competent web developer.



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