How Virtual Reality and WordPress are Powering the Future of Web Design?

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The Virtual Reality is a Niche Product

Surely people of the past imagined a much broader use of virtual reality than we have now. That said, there are still fields in 2021 in which virtual reality is being used to its best advantage.

Would you like to wander around in a museum or take a ride over the city streets on other continents? Such an opportunity is already available to everyone. Tourism and travel are among those spheres to exploit the benefits of VR software development to the maximum, especially in the context of the coronavirus pandemic with total lockdowns.

Surprisingly, psychotherapy has found an excellent use for virtual reality too, especially while treating phobias, because now there is no need for any additional conditions to create stressful situations.

There are also virtual reality applications for various simulators, like pilot and astronaut training. Designers use VR to create furniture, interiors, and larger projects.

People use VR in e-commerce branches in order to substitute the option of trying on the product. Test-driving, or touring the space are all niches that will need WordPress tools to create Virtual Reality.

The Top Virtual Reality Headset for 2021

Virtual reality is capable of engineering a new AI world, simulating the impact and reactions to it, through its senses: sight, hearing, touch, and others. The computer-based fusion of virtual reality attributes and reactions is done in real-time to create a convincing set of sensations of reality.

At the moment, there is no virtual reality system yet that simulates how a human interacts with the virtual environments through the influence of all five human senses. However, developers are working hard to allow the user to become fully immersed.

The best 2021 gears available are such as:

  • Oculus Quest 2.
  • Valve Index
  • HTC Vive Cosmos Elite.

However, not all virtual reality technology developments require a headset. For some, only a smartphone is enough. More of that, people don’t want to buy all those huge and expensive gadgets that are not used on a daily basis.

VR and WordPress Collaboration or Why We Don`t Need VR Gears Anymore

As of today, the interaction between WordPress plugins and Virtual Reality is much stronger than we can imagine. You no longer need those bulky and expensive headsets to experience virtual reality. All WordPress blogs support virtual reality performance, or rather, 360° imagery and videos. You can view them on a computer, a mobile device, or through a virtual reality helmet.

WordPress software is already supporting virtual reality blogs. Meanwhile, their idea is to simplify the posting of the VR content process. First of all, the engine aims to make it easy for users to create blogs or websites having no technical knowledge or skills.

It is essential to make the publishing of VR content as simple as posting regular text or pictures. The simple algorithm is to add VR content to your website and open the page with any browser possible.

It is worth emphasizing that WordPress VR is not like what we expect to see when we play VR games. It has a more practical task, which is to simulate a 3D model or space for volumetric and detailed elaboration in the program.

Any WordPress websites visitor can view the 360° content with a mouse or touch input. In addition to the simple way of the VR content on the site viewing, you can use “Google Cardboard”, “Samsung Gear VR”, “Daydream,”, “Oculus Rift” and “HTC Vive”.

Top Tools to Create VR with WordPress

360 VR Gallery WP.

When we think of virtual reality, we think of the premium segment. With this tool, you can scroll through panoramas with your mouse or keyboard. Paste the shortcode in your post, and the built-in VR gallery will appear. No additional knowledge of the matrix is required.

Features include 360×180 panoramic photo support, customized addition of panoramic images, fully adaptive layout, full keyboard and mouse support, automatic scrolling, and more.

Web VR Shop

Its concept is different in the way visitors interact with the object rather than with the scene to view it from all angles.

MV 360 Tour

Like other plug-ins on this list, this marvel of technological magic requires no programming skills. The user can upload a photo, add hotspots to it, and end up with a 360-degree image.


It allows you to be in the middle of a panoramic landscape and view it from all sides just by rotating your mouse. This tool can bring static panoramic photos to life. It manipulates your original photo so that your end-user gets the most immersive experience possible.


Future design evolution for websites hinges on the extent to which developers are willing to step up to a whole new level – that of virtual and augmented reality.

With the onset of 5G, Virtual Reality is going to become more realistic. There are many opportunities for product interaction. The most interesting aspect is how Virtual Reality will interact with actual objects. 2D screens will be a thing of the past and developers will have all of the 3D space to play with. This means more accessible consumer electronics and the potential for personalized software experiences on a whole new level. It also means a complete paradigm shift for how they approach designing products!

Virtual reality is a new technology and it still has a long way to go. By now these premium WordPress plugins will put you at the forefront of the technology. If you have comments or suggestions, feel free to offer them.

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