Why Use React Native for App Development

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React Native is the second most used programming language by people across the globe. It was founded as a part of an internal hackathon at Facebook and became open-source in 2015. Today, it has some of the largest groups of developers in the open-source community. With constant updates and security enhancements, React Native has become the go-to choice for cross-platform app development.

With such advanced features and secured infrastructure, it is clear that React Native brings plenty of benefits to the table, easy to learn and code compared to other languages like Android, Java, iOS, etc. With regular updates and strong community support, today businesses and developers prefer to build applications using it. In fact, many companies choose to hire dedicated React Native developers either from companies or on a freelance basis who can help them to build an application for their requirements.

This article explains 9 major benefits businesses could have with react-native as their coding language. Let’s get started!

9 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use React Native:

App Development Becomes Swift

Developing applications for multiple platforms can be difficult and time-consuming. They will need to hire dedicated developers for Android and iOS, and designers too, plus develop different mockups for both platforms. As a result, the final app could take a while to go live.

The entire process from designing to development becomes extremely time-consuming and requires investment. But with React Native, companies can develop cross-platform applications for their businesses with less investment and quicker development. All you will need is a team of skilled react Native developers to help you design and develop your application. If you are going to outsource React Native app development, you can also hire a React Native app development company who can help you develop a complete application that aligns with your business requirements.

It is Easy to Code and Reuse

One of the best things about React Native is that you can resume codes as much as you want. So, by reusing the code structure, you can lessen the development time and you can reutilize the time taken in cases of React Native.

Easy Updates

Mobile App development is a continuous process, and it does not end once you deploy an application. You need to update it regularly with timely updates. With native app development, the update process tends to be long and difficult as developers need to code multiple times for different platforms.

Whereas, this problem can be solved with React Native as developers can write code once and push updates. With the help of CodePush, developers can push updates easily and on priority. Using the cloud, they can install the updates automatically and quickly without the consent of the user or needing to relaunch them. Thus, saving plenty of time, fewer lines of code, and quick updates to quickly launch it live.


React Native was launched under an open-source license and today has a community of thousand plus developers from around the world. As a developer, you can use it with all the latest features and updates for free. Enterprise-level organizations prefer to use it for developing their applications because of the various benefits it brings to their business. Businesses can easily increase their ROI, require less investment, and build scalable and robust applications. Moreover, having a large community of developers provides regular updates with new features and works towards making React Native strong, robust, interactive, secure, user friendly, and easy to learn.

Supports External Plugins

Developing an entire application from scratch with all the necessary features can be time-consuming especially when you are planning to launch it in a short period of time. This is when plugins come to the rescue. React Native provides plenty of third-party plugins which developers can easily integrate with their application or website. This reduces the entire app development process and also the time is taken to develop the application.

Stable Performance

Most of the developers believe that the app performs better only when you develop it as a native app. But, this is not true. There are plenty of applications that are developed using cross-platform development models. Cross-platform app development provides great performance, fewer instances of app crashes, and efficient memory usage. React Native app development framework allows you to stay ahead, decrease time and costs involved in mobile app development and offer a seamless experience to users on any and every operating system.

Efficient and Portable

React Native is currently the most portable, robust, and scalable programming language. It provides one of the best web and mobile interfaces to your users. Additionally, developers can also optimize the speed and efficiency of the app that they develop.

Efficient Cross-Platform App Development

Developing cross-platform applications used to be extremely difficult. But, React Native revolutionized it forever. With its advanced coding technique, it became easy for developers to develop cross-platform software. They can write code once and run it anywhere, easily push updates on multiple platforms, and save plenty of time. Moreover, the portability of writing code once and running it everywhere brings flexibility to developers to develop applications for Android, iOS, and websites. In turn, developing better quality applications that are faster, flexible, and scalable.

SEO Friendly

In recent years there are already plenty of websites and applications available on search engine page results. With the current increase in competition, businesses need to leverage frameworks that are SEO-friendly. React Native is an SEO-friendly framework that helps websites and applications to be SEO-friendly right from they get launched to help them rank on various search engines and stand ahead of the competition. It helps in reducing page loading time which in turn helps in better ranking, customer retention, and great user experience.


Today there are plenty of programming languages available in the app development industry. Over the years it has helped businesses to develop robust, scalable, interactive, and powerful applications and websites. Today, many businesses are relying on the power of React Native to build products which help them to serve their customers better.

If you are planning to build an application, hire React Native app developer from us who can help you build complete custom solutions from scratch. React Native has plenty of benefits when it comes to enterprise applications development. Reach out to us, share with us your business requirements and we will help you to create software according to your business logic.

Summary: Here is everything businesses should use React Native to develop their applications. We have explained in detail how it helps businesses to advance their offering with the power of quality applications.

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