How to Use AI to Elevate Your Content Promotion Tactics?

With the help of technology, people today manage to raise the standard of doing business in every single industry. AI is one of the latest and most concept-changing technologies introduced to different spheres of the business world. From finances and data analytics to content marketing, AI can help us get better results and achieve more than what we could’ve without it.

For digital marketers and content creators, AI can be an extremely powerful tool. The important thing is to understand how to use it and how it can help you. That’s why we’ve put together a list of all the segments of your content promotion tactics you can elevate using AI.

Let’s take a closer look.

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Email Marketing

A major part of your content marketing strategy needs to be email marketing. It’s a classic yet highly effective form of content that can engage your target audience and help you promote your content the right way.

AI can ensure you’re doing it right.

You can use AI tools and email automation software to:

  • analyze the behavior of the people from your subscribers’ list
  • create personalized, targeted emails
  • determine the optimal time for sending the emails
  • analyze what type of content converts best

This means that the AI tools can help you automate the process of sending emails to your entire subscribers’ list and ensure each specific target group receives the emails that work best for them.

Analysis & Repetition

You want your content to perform better each time you create and publish something new. The only way to do this is to analyze the success of your former attempts and decide what to improve and how.

But, to get these results manually, you’d have to analyze a ton of data and have your employees spend hours doing boring, repetitive tasks.

Luckily, you can use AI tools to:

  • analyze the data
  • measure the success
  • measure the engagement
  • draw conclusion about topics, keywords, and content formats you should use

This way, AI will teach you about your success so far and give you insight into what aspects of your content creation process to improve. It will also leave room for your employees to focus on more creative work.


Chatbots are among the best-known AI tools for communicating with your target audience and giving them the information they’re looking for. Businesses and marketers use AI to promote their content and ensure everyone gets the same amount of attention.

A chatbot is a software that simulates a conversation with your target audience, website visitors, or those using your app.

It helps you promote your content by:

  • doing 24/7 customer service
  • offering people solutions, information, and guidance
  • being brand ambassadors
  • placing orders on e-commerce websites

There are different types of chatbots. The most advanced ones offer data analysis, adopt information, and become a bit better with every action they take.

Competitive Research

Everyone’s got to fight for their spot on the market. To be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with your competitors, you have to follow each step they take and understand how they’re making such great results.

AI can help you with competitive research and perform actions such as:

  • discover topics they’re using
  • determine which content ideas work for them
  • compare your topic ideas to your competitors
  • tell you what your competitors are changing in their strategy

Using the right AI tools, you’ll be able to track what your major competitors are doing, changing, introducing, or dropping from their content creation strategy.

Brand Consistency

Branding is what makes your target audience develop a deeper relationship with you and decide to stay loyal. With content creation, there needs to be brand consistency as well.

But, most of the time, there are multiple content writers creating content for the same brand or business, which makes it hard to nail that brand alignment every time.

AI can help you change this.

There are tools that analyze every piece of content you plan on publishing and make sure that it aligns with your brand’s:

  • tone
  • voice
  • style
  • approved language

The software “reads” your content and tells you whether it fits the brand standards or there’s something that needs improvement. This is great for the long run, and it will help you make your content recognizable and unique.

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Content Creation

AI is breaking all boundaries in the process of content creation and is able to take over a part of it all to itself.

In other words, AI can create content that is made according to a certain pattern and standard, and save you the time and money you’d otherwise spend doing it manually.

AI can create software that learns and understand languages, adopts patterns, and can respond to it using algorithms.

You can leave to an AI content creation tool to produce content such as:

  • sports report
  • financial report
  • product description
  • news articles
  • business data reports
  • research reports
  • social media posts

Powered by NLG (Natural Language Generation), these AI tools can generate content and help you immensely with your content marketing strategy.

Naturally, as technology improves we’ll be able to see AI software and tools produce even long-form documents that require more creativity and language capacities.

But, even now, it can shift huge weight off your shoulders and give you enough space to work on other projects that require your full attention and focus.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, AI can be used to boost and improve different segments of your content creation and promotion tactics. It can improve your current approach and give you the insight you need to make things better.

Use the tips and ideas listed above and start thinking about using AI to promote your content better and make it reach your target audience easily.

Author’s bio. Daniela McVicker is a passionate digital marketer. Daniela is interested in everything related to SEO and blogging. She contributes to Essayguard where she shares her experience and helps marketers make their names in the online world.



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