Unique Ways Social Media Marketing Will Increase

Your Business Growth

Building a brand with the help of social media might feel huge, but it’s a lot easier than ever to use it to connect and grow your brand organically. The use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are used as a medium by businesses to connect with their audiences as well as a platform that allows the audiences to connect with the brand.

According to Hootsuite, about 25% of Gen Z users use the social media application, with about 130,962,500 people being reached? The use of social media is the number one activity among Americans. A possible user spends approximately 38 minutes, sometimes even more, on Facebook every day.

The use of social media networks keeps growing daily. Thus, having a solid social media strategy is a must as it will help you boost your branding, leading to business growth. Before we look at the social media strategies, here are some of the benefits of social media marketing.

A] Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  • Greater Brand Awareness

The use of social media can help promote your brand in ways you aren’t even aware of. Brand awareness means an increase in sales as people tend to buy brands once they recognise them. In comparison to traditional marketing methods, the use of this platform makes brand awareness pretty simple. This means consumers develop a sense of familiarity and trust, leading to more sales.

  • Increase Inbound Traffic

With the power of social media marketing, you can easily channel inbound traffic to your business. Your presence on social networks allows audiences of different demographics and search techniques to stumble upon your page and increase your customer base across the globe.

  • Helps Reach Desired Audience

One of the most vital benefits of social media marketing is it allows businesses to reach their target audience. Instagram has this feature where you can create the demographic, place, etc according to your target audience. If a business is seeking professionals, LinkedIn is the ideal platform. If they want to reach out to a larger audience, Facebook is the best.

  • Cost-Effective at Its Best

Social media marketing does not cost you a dime. You simply need to sign up and create an account. The only expense is when you have to promote your product or posts via Ads.

  • High Rate of Conversion

More visibility through social media results in more potential leads, leading to a high conversion rate. Also, you have the opportunity of being in one place where the audience shares their opinions, likes, and dislikes. This can easily increase the chance of your business being referenced/mentioned, resulting in a higher ROI.

Alright! Time for the icebreaker. Get your book and pen, we’re giving out proven social media marketing strategies.

B] Social Media Marketing Strategies

  • Social Media Tips For Facebook

  • Paid Advertisements: Facebook Ad accounts have various targeting capabilities that allow you to target people who may be interested in what you offer.
  • Build your community: Your Facebook page can offer a lot more than just general information. While people in different groups can create a stream of communication between you and your audience, certain groups can also allow you to promote the conversation around your brand and create the desired space for people to connect and share their interests.
  • Social Media Tips for LinkedIn

  • Good Content: If you’re a content creator, you stand a huge opportunity to have the right audience on LinkedIn. Few things to keep in mind before you publish your work on the platform. It is mandatory for you to include descriptive images and closed captions on your video. The use of such captions makes your video more accessible to viewers.
  • Post and Creation: You don’t need to post your business or product information on Youtube or blog posts, as you can directly host your content on the platform with the help of native tools. Uploading a video file will give you a higher reach than posting a link to a video on any other platform. The platform prioritizes disseminating content that’s hosted directly on the site.
  • Social Media Tips for Instagram

  • Instagram Stories: Instagram constantly modifies the way your posts interact with its algorithm. It can get a little difficult to anticipate whether or not your post will generate influential engagement. One way to guarantee results is by posting regular stories.
  • Reels: Reels are the latest feature of Instagram that allows you to share short video clips with your users. You can use this feature to edit your videos and add instant effects before sharing them online. It’s a great way to deliver your message to your followers. Posting reels help you get better visibility, sharability, and discoverability.

Other Social Media Tips That You May Not Know

  • Strategize your ideas

Prepare specific plans for every platform you use, as shown above. Every social media platform carries its own nuances and practices for generating engagement. Your brand may not need a presence on every platform, but having it on one or two is much-needed. Let’s understand one thing: learning how to create a social media campaign is really hard but knowing which platform will perform the best for your client is a skill. You don’t want to waste time on platforms that will not do anything significant for your client.

  • Consistency is the key

Your posts should be concise, and you must post consistently. Platforms like Instagram and Twitter stories need active and multiple actions in a day to get the maximum from your audience. When analyzing the post strategy, look for factors like how the algorithm works for every platform.

  • All Attention on Messaging

Every platform will have it’s own unique demographic and will overlap the audience you’re targeting on every platform. It is much-needed to understand your demographics, so you can easily tailor your messages for greater impact.

Go With the Trend

Once you have your social media strategy on track, keep an eye on the most trending posts on every platform. If you come across a pattern that is popular and aligns with your messaging, then it’s surely a great idea to capitalize on it to boost engagement.

With every rising day, trends, people, and situations are rising too. How can we not say the same for social media?

We’re seeing new updates and trends every year, so marketers have to update their strategies to keep up with trends. Do you have huge social media followers? or are you just getting started? These tips and tricks are a great way to start!

They will surely help you get ahead of your competitors and grow your audience in a way that adds great value to your business.



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