Top Websites for Searching for a Job and Studying during COVID

The coronavirus pandemic has caused undoubted severe problems to all people, both students, workers, and employers. With the ongoing lockdowns and working from home directives, almost everyone is at home. However, students can use online resources to study and search for jobs to earn some finance for their upkeep.

Websites that could help you in learning during COVID

Google Classroom is another essential product by Google Corporation. It is an education platform where teachers and students share materials through digital interaction. Google Classroom is free to anyone who has a google account. Students can use this platform to get stuff from their teachers, study, and submit their assignments for marking

Office 365 is one of Microsoft technology and educational program that support students’ learning. It is a cloud-hosted service provided by Microsoft. Through Office 365, students can create, edit, and manage files and even collaborate with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. It has cloud storage where students can save their documents and access them anytime. is a website for computer-based programs, achieve 3000 that allows students at each level to read the same article. After reading, the students then answer questions to determine their Lexile level. According to, reading on is crucial to keep your comprehension ability high. The website helps students to comprehend and read quicker. The students who use achieve3000 have an advantage in literature studies by scoring higher marks. is a cloud-based learning management system that allows learners, teachers, and staff to communicate on digital devices. Tutors can share assignments and learning materials online for the whole class. Students can view, download, discuss with others, and work on the assignment before submitting the completed assignment through a dropbox on the platform.

Websites that could help you to find a job during COVID

FlexJobs is a career site that helps people who are looking for flexibility in a job. The platform focuses on work from home, part-time, and freelance jobs. FlexJobs is a scam-free site. You can purchase a membership of $14.95 per month or enroll for other options available. The platform also shows the posting date and the terms of each job.

Top Websites for Searching for a Job and Studying during COVID

Remotive is an online job searching platform. It gives a list of jobs on software development, customer service, among many more. You can access the platform for free. If you want to apply, click on the job you want, and it will redirect you to the respective company website. Also, all listed jobs have posting dates. is a web-based company that offers online resume services. While you are looking for working from home job, you would want to present the best resume to the potential employer. Resume That Works produces custom resumes at affordable rates. You only need to provide your information, and the company will do your resume. is an online platform that posts various remote jobs. Its accessibility is free and faster. The platform list jobs from part-time to fulltime. If you want to apply the platform, a click on the job you want redirects you to the company’s job posts. This platform is more reliable during this time since it’s free.

We Work Remotely online platform lists full-time and part-time remote jobs. The jobs are from various industries such as marketing, design, freelance, among others (Kelly Anne Smith, 2020). The platform is reliable and free to access. If you sign up, you can get email notifications for your specified industries.

Tools that would help you in education online

Socratic. While in school, students can approach their teachers for assistance, but at home, they get frustrated in solving some difficult concepts. Socratic uses Artificial Intelligence to help in solving such problems. It guides students through resources and concepts that lead to solutions. You just need to take a photo of the problem, and Socratic will find resources to help you out. (Pradeep, 2019)

Wolfram Alpha is an online computational knowledge platform that uses AI to compute problems and offer information. Learners can use it to learn processes through the step by step feature. It can also provide more resources & interactive graphical representation of information for a better understanding of concepts (Johnny Rizzo, 2016). However, for effective learning, one needs the WolframAlpha Pro.

Google Translate is a free program that translates many languages. Students can use it to translate learning materials into their preferred language. It is faster and reliable. Also, it can translate unlimited words for you.

Edu Jungles is a professional writing company. It helps students around the world to complete their assignments. Also, service assists learners in writing their research papers. Professional writers provide quality custom essays at affordable prices.

Photomath is an application that uses AI to solve mathematical equations. It provides a guide on how to arrive at the answer (Stan Schroeder, 2014). Students could take advantage of this app to help them with math problems while at home.

During this unprecedented time, when almost everyone is at home, families have to come up with strategies for their children to continue studying. With the increasing advancements in technology, there are many websites and tools to help them in learning. Also, other platforms can help in searching for remote jobs.


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