Top E-Commerce Trends and Statistics

E-commerce is becoming more consumer-centered day by day. With merchants trying to increase their interactions with consumers, the customer has been continuously urging for a better shopping experience. As a result, store owners are setting e-commerce trends based on statistics acquired through various surveys and experiments.

The conversion rate of a store is one of the most significant factors in boosting sales. To achieve a higher conversion rate, store managers need to focus on the exact reason a consumer leaves the store. Statistics indicate that more than 28% of visitors leaving a website are due in part to unclear shipping costs. Visitors also often leave due to payment security, remembering a username or forcing registration each time you enter a new website.

Retargeting is a trending marketing strategy for an online store. Roughly 54% of buyers are expected to buy products left in a cart with a discount. Store owners can encourage visitor’s shopping habits by enticing them to shop more to earn for free shipping. About 24% of shoppers are likely to spend more to earn credit for free shopping.

Among the Social media platforms, Facebook is quite successful in educating 53% of buyers on offers and latest arrivals in their preferred product lines. Among women, Pinterest is liked more than twitter for getting in touched to their favorite brands and products.

The statistics that describes user behavior on social media and cart abandonment, and the changing e-commerce trends in internet marketing are briefly highlighted in the below e-commerce infographic that is compiled by FMEextensions.


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