The web development market never stands still. It is progressive, dynamic, active. And in order the e-commerce project to become successful, the determined goals — to be achieved, all requirements — to be met, you must be in trend. You must understand, which tools have become fashionable and which ones are already considered outdated and should be forgotten. By the way, tendencies in web development are constantly changing, improving, and modernizing. A modern specialist must know them, follow them, and always keep abreast in order not to lag behind. This is your number one priority.

Thus, Brights company has prepared for you 7 latest and innovative web development trends that are relevant in 2020 and that will be actual in the near future. The ones with the greatest potential, popularity, and growth prospects. Some of them are obvious, some are not. Some of them are actively used now, while others — are for the perspectives. In today’s article — detailed reviews, tips, tricks, and professional life hacks. Based on theoretical foundations, technical experience, and practical expertise.

Not a word more. Let’s get it started!

01 PWA

Yes, Progressive Web Apps appeared earlier, but right now, this technology has caught the interest from developers, marketers, and online business owners. In fact, PWA is a web page that is identical to mobile apps. If it is preloaded on the gadget, a user can access it even offline. This technique is a great decision for page load speed thanks to combining the best practices from the web and mobile apps to produce high performance.

The main reason is that PWA technology can significantly perfect the UX for the visitors. Let’s find out what it is and how this tool works. There are several options for understanding PWA. The main thing is that the site must interact with the user as an app. The user can install it, receive notifications, work with the website as with an application. All these are functions that can be realized due to modern technologies.

In 2020, it is no longer enough for websites to have an adaptive design, they have to be advanced web apps, sites that resemble common mobile apps. Due to progressive web apps, it is even possible to access the content offline. These are, first of all, websites in the e-commerce niche, news platforms, business projects with a comparatively little budget for website development.

So, the pros of PWA are the following:

  • full screen view (site URL will not be visible);
  • noticeable logo;
  • push notices;
  • access to data without a network.

02 AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a tendency, the purpose of which is to hasten the capacity of the page. It is somewhat like PWA. AMPs are pages that are able to run rapidly, have a responsive design with common characteristics. They are also convenient for mobile devices, and their content is easily perceived.

AMP plugin allows enterprises to save on UX and attract visitors with any quality of web connection. Therefore, we will observe that more little and more narrowly focused companies rival successfully with the industry giants.

So, why does a business need AMP?

  • To make mobile site pages load 4 times faster.
  • To get the website higher in the organic search results.
  • To make money on advertising.


The demand for voice search is growing rapidly and relentlessly. This is the technology that has been talking about for more than 10 years. Today, we do not want to type in the search bar, we want to save time, give quick commands, and get quick responses. This justifies the necessity to optimize our projects for voice technology. More and more people are using this kind of search, so your website should be built for this. Moreover, according to researchers, very soon, approximately 55% of businesses on the Internet will be equipped with a voice assistant.

So, what are the advantages?

  • Saving site visitors time and, consequently, more targeted actions on the website.
  • Implementation of multitasking.
  • Getting more loyalty.
  • The ability to analyze the actions of the customers.


You know that users usually use not one, but several devices to access the Internet. Therefore, it is crucial to make apps, which run and sync across devices. In terms of web development this means choosing the right frameworks.

Although this question seems old and hackneyed, cross-browser compatibility is still far from ideal on some websites. Meanwhile, all business owners want their websites to be reflected correctly on all kinds of browsers. If you don’t test and/or change the layout and styles for the most demanded softwares, you will simply lose a huge part of potential visitors, since your website will be inaccessible or difficult for them to view.

The emergence and rapid improvement of new browsers will oblige developers to more thoroughly test cross-browser compatibility and achieve the maximum performance.

Cross-browser compatibility is about correct rendering:

  • in all required custom client configurations;
  • on screens with any existing resolution;
  • regardless of the configuration of the server.


Obviously, launching a startup successfully can become tricky, if you haven’t picked the suitable payment gateway service, since it is exactly what lets users make transactions — targeted actions. If you do not pay enough attention to this crucial part of your site, you will not get the desired benefits from an online project. The principle of operation is simple: connect the service, integrate the form on the site, get money from users — from any device.

So, how to choose a reliable and suitable payment gateway system? Consider the following tricks:

  • Safety — is the number one priority.
  • Payout time — is as short as possible.
  • Integration — is light and convenient.
  • Currencies — are different.


2020 and the near future — is about simplicity in fashion. In all industries and in all directions. As for the web, this is partly manifested in the low code trend, which is, in fact, a visual approach to the development.

The concept of low code provides the possibility of modification, adaptation, and evolution of the system during operation with a minimum of coding and a maximum of visual development. So, you get an easier and faster way to create and deploy a web project. And this facilitates operational development even without experience. Low-code platforms such as Google App Maker and Microsoft PowerApps have simplified the development operation and thus lowered the entry level for novice web designers.

What is your profit?

  • Achieve unparalleled payback time.
  • Build more at scale.
  • Shape a new way of developing.
  • Stay flexible to respond quickly to changing business and customer needs.


Not a trend, but there is no way without it. Not 5 years ago. Not today. Not in 5 years. Let’s explore the current trends in UI and UX.

  1. Powerful browsers. They are getting quicker, more potent, more engaging.
  2. Meaningful animations. Thanks to the contemporary opportunities of browsers, animations have become a mature design opportunity, which is no longer considered just a tool, responsible for moving objects. Don’t build them unknowingly!
  3. 3D effect. The 3D graphics make the boundaries between real space and digital animation almost invisible.
  4. Figma. Do designers must code? Do developers need to be aware of UX? Everything is easy: it is crucial to eliminate disagreements. The deal is not to get a versatile specialist, but the deal is to design high-grade products and take pleasure during the process.
  5. Voice UI. It is sensuous and graceful.
  6. UX copywriting. You must manage how your biz influences the users. Strive to be kind and helpful to the audience.

Teach your designs to realize the context.

2020 has made and continues to make adjustments in all areas of our life. And web development is an industry that changes constantly and very often. Thus, it is essential to feel the pulse and always be aware of all current tendencies.

Stay healthy.
Stay trendy.
Stay with us.

BIO. Bogdan – ex-programmer, a marketer, one of the leading SEO specialists at BRIGHTS company.


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