Top 7 Online Quiz Makers For Teachers and Educators

Are you back in the classrooms or are you still conducting online classes? As an online education startup are you searching for easy-to-build quizzes for a quick recap session? Or do you want to build quizzes for the onboarding or employee training processes?

No matter what your quiz creation purpose may be, these online quiz makers are quite efficient. They will be just the right fit for you!

To make your student’s learning experience more effective, these online quiz creators will help you track their progress, and grade their work. Some major benefits of creating quizzes are:

  • Assess their knowledge on particular topics after you have taught them during classes or sessions
  • You can find out where the knowledge gaps are so that you can revise those portions once more
  • Quizzes help to reinforce the information that has already been taught, which increases retention rates

So do you want to create a quiz that helps you with all of these points mentioned above? Then check out our favorite quiz maker tools mentioned below:

Fynzo Quiz Maker:

This free online quiz maker makes creating and distributing customized quizzes more efficient. With its simple as well as advanced tools, Fynzo’s Quiz Maker makes quiz creation easier than ever before. Some of the features which makes it stand out among others are:

  • 500+ readymade templates. Now you don’t have to build quizzes from scratch by simply using the relevant template that suits your objective
  • Utilize the 20+ question types in Fynzo’s free plan. You can also gain access to unlimited questions in its paid version
  • Customizable result pages. You can either simply make the quiz maker calculate the total score, percentage achieved, or competency points based on your desired format
  • Easy sharing options. Share quizzes through social media, email, or text. You can even embed them on your website
  • Quiz reports are available. You can derive insights from the analysis of quiz scores attained by your students over time.


Top 7 Online Quiz Makers For Teachers and Educators

This quiz maker is mostly useful as an online tool that can efficiently generate leads for businesses. However, its tools are designed to be highly versatile. They can be useful for teachers and educators as well. Some major features of this online quiz maker are:

  • 3 major quiz types available: Assessment, Scored, and Personality quizzes
  • 800+ readymade templates pertaining to different objectives of quiz creation
  • Customization features include changing the theme and creating a branded quiz
  • Analytics available along with promotional assistance
  • GDPR compliant tool


Top 7 Online Quiz Makers For Teachers and Educators

Woorise is ideal for small businesses as it’s quite cost-effective. However, teachers and educators can utilize this well-designed and advanced quiz maker to make quizzes within this simple drag and drop interface. Its templates are mobile responsive and can be customized just the way you want them to be represented

  • Multilingual quiz maker. With this feature, you can expand your global reach and create surveys even for international students
  • Send out personalized notifications via email. You can utilize the form’s conditional logic to send targeted notifications to your respondent upon completion
  • Easily export your data in a CSV file. You can directly download this data to a spreadsheet. Either in Excel or CSV formats.
  • Create multi-page forms. You can efficiently collect any additional data required by making your students engaged with your quiz
  • High data privacy. Multiple tools have been used along with sufficient measures to protect the data you collect.


Top 7 Online Quiz Makers For Teachers and Educators

With Typeform’s free online quiz maker, you can make quizzes intuitive and do away with dull backgrounds or boring outlooks.

It can offer one question at a time making quizzes more conversational and it increases retention rates by a major percentage. Few important features of this quiz maker are:

  • Easy to use drag and drop interface
  • Integration with CRM services using Zapier. This allows all data collected to be automatically synced with your existing contacts
  • The free version allows the collection of only 100 responses per month
  • Its “Calculator” feature allows you to present separate questions to respondents based on their scores. Hence if a person has higher scores, they will be asked more difficult questions and vice versa


Top 7 Online Quiz Makers For Teachers and Educators

This free online quiz maker is specifically designed for teachers to help them create quizzes for their students. Through this software, you can also invite them to your classroom or view the batch’s test results easily through your browser. Few special features are:

  • It offers 3 question types, which are MCQ, Short Answer Questions, or True/False.
  • You can simply self-register and create open/private online classes.
  • Customization options for the quizzes, like the number of attempts, points and timers can be set
  • Reports are available that contains the overview of the test results and question analysis

ProProfs Quiz Maker:

Top 7 Online Quiz Makers For Teachers and Educators

This is an extremely user-friendly online quiz creator that is efficient for creating tests, quizzes, and exams right from scratch with its advanced tools. Use this cloud-based online software for creating any type of quizzes based on your requirements. Few special features are:

  • 100,000+ pre-built quizzes available which makes the process faster
  • 100+ themes available which help you give your quiz a professional outlook
  • Reports and Analytics features which give you an insight on when your respondents took part in the quiz, how much time they needed, etc
  • Secure settings that help you secure your quizzes and prevent your students from cheating


Top 7 Online Quiz Makers For Teachers and Educators

This is mostly a lead generation software that is useful for businesses but it can be used efficiently for school or college-level quizzes as well. It may be the cheaper option among its competition but lacks advanced tools. Few special features of this online quiz maker are:

  • Simple easy to use interface that can be accessed without being very technologically efficient
  • Responses can be monitored and assessed via comprehensive data analysis features
  • Social sharing integrations allow you to share on your social handles increasing the reach of your quiz
  • It can target separate offers based on the previously answered questions by the respondent


Top 7 Online Quiz Makers For Teachers and Educators

This has a focused aim of creating assessments suitable for learning management systems. University teachers will find this very useful. Also, it offers a special browser that would prevent students from cheating. Some key features of this efficient tool are:

  • It offers 15 question types which include calculated and algorithmic questions
  • Protect your quizzes with a password, block the right mouse button or make students take the test through a specific browser that stops cheating
  • Integration with other software like Blackboard Learn 9.x, Brightspace 10.x, Canvas, Moodle, IMS QTI 1.x, and Pearson LearningStudio.
  • Limited sharing options are available. However, they can be printed or uploaded on an LMS. You can also publish test results to an online course or multiple courses.

So which of these quiz makers could grab your attention?

Well, all software have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can decide based on the features, which one would be best suited for you.

If you have used some other quiz maker and have found it more efficient than the ones mentioned, do let us know in the comments below.

Author Bio:

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