How to Implement Proactive Customer Service

The large majority of people think the only obligation of the customer service team is to solve any issues the customers may struggle with. Although this is indeed a big part of the job, implementing proactive customer service is equally important.

Proactive customer service can equip your company with many advantages and benefits. Fortunately, company owners realized the vital role of proactive customer support, which is why numerous brands are starting to include it.

If you thought about implementing it into your company, this guide could considerably help you learn more about it and what it does for you.

What is proactive customer service?

The chances of hearing about proactive customer support are high, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything new you can learn about it here.

Essentially, it helps your company deal with issues before they emerge, thus decreasing the number of questions, issues, and worries appearing among your customers. In a way, proactive support makes the first move by offering your customers help before they ask for it themselves.

Overall, not only does it increase customer loyalty, but it positively affects your brand reputation too.

More and more companies are going out of their way to implement proactive support and make the customer experience one step closer to perfection.

Benefits of proactive customer service

Proactive customer service offers various benefits to companies. From increased brand awareness to a larger clientele, companies can make a higher profit by implementing proactive support.

Decreases future customer service calls

First and foremost, proactive service was primarily invented to decrease the number of customer service calls in the future. It works by providing the customers with answers even before they manage to create them by themselves.

If your company has a complex or demanding part you know many clients will struggle with, equipping them with ready answers will decrease the total amount of calls directed to the customer service.

Increases customer satisfaction

With answers that accurately respond to your customers’ most frequent questions, you instantly increase customer satisfaction.

There’s nothing better than a company taking good care of its most important asset, so your clients will greatly appreciate you taking the necessary time apart to prepare ready-made solutions for them.

This way, many customers don’t have to wait in line just to get a simple answer. Instead, a few clicks on your website can give them all the information they have been searching for.

Attracts new clients

Customers always talk and love to share their life experiences, both positive and negative ones. What’s more, other people look at their stories and often follow their steps.

That’s why just a few negative customer experiences can have significant consequences. Equally, several positive customer service stories are more than enough to attract new people to your company and rapidly increase the total number of happy customers.

Proactive customer service is what all clients appreciate, so don’t be surprised if you gain new clients once you implement it.

Increases sales

Everyone’s looking to increase their profit, and company CEOs are trying out numerous strategies to increase sales. However, you don’t have to do much to see your sales skyrocket. Sometimes, the most straightforward solution is the best one, and that’s precisely the case with proactive customer service.

Happy and satisfied customers, alongside the attraction of new ones, are the ultimate combination of increasing your sales and making more profit.

How to implement proactive customer service?

Implementing proactive customer service isn’t rocket science. There are many easy and quick features you can include to initialize the practice of proactive support. However, if you genuinely want to see some shocking results, we suggest you go with specifically created software for customer support.

Ask for feedback

The simplest and fastest way to implement proactive support is to ask your customers for feedback. This feature is prevalent among e-commerce platforms since they can use their online presence to easily reach their customers.

There are various ways you can ask for feedback online. Send questionnaires, surveys, or simply include a live chat option your customers can write to. Plenty of customers gladly provide you with helpful feedback you can base your future business moves on.

Keep track of online reputation!

The online reputation of your brand directly affects the number of your customers, your sales, you’re your profits. That being said, the success of your business strongly depends on your reputation.

Keeping track of your online reputation can give you insight into some issues you weren’t previously aware of. Moreover, it can equip you with many innovative ideas that can lead to something big in the future.

If you can’t find the time to keep track of the online reputation of your business, think about hiring a remote customer service team that’ll regularly do this for you.

Surprise loyal customers

Customers love when companies take care of them. Surprise your loyal customers with a unique loyalty program that’ll offer them useful deals such as:

  • free shipping
  • special prices
  • free items

Loyalty programs are an excellent way to do your customer service proactively. Your regular customers will be happy with great deals and the offers you reward them with, so they’ll reward you with their never-ending support in turn.

Use innovative tools

Finally, using the advantages of contemporary technology will ensure you get only the best from proactive support. There are several innovative tools you can implement, and there are our top 3 suggestions:

  1. Email marketing software

With email marketing software, you can automate your online marketing tools and focus on other business areas. The software comes with handy email marketing examples you can freely use to create an easy and effective marketing campaign.

  1. Call center software

Call center software optimizes your customer interactions and lets you manage your customer support efficiently. Furthermore, it improves the efficiency of your call center and enhances your customer service capabilities.

  1. IVR system

Finally, the IVR system completely automates your customer service by using a computer-operated system. It’s interactive and thus allows your customers to receive quick answers to their questions.


In sum, more and more people are recognizing the importance of implementing proactive customer service. As it comes with countless benefits, you can positively affect your customer satisfaction, the number of customers, and sales too.

If you’re thinking about implementing proactive support into your company, there are several available options. From simple surveys to voice-automated solutions, your customers will appreciate any effort.


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