Three Ways to Ensure Business to Business Transactions Are Secure


In today’s world, new technology makes online business relations smoother than ever before. With the increasing prevalence of online interactions and relationships, however, comes new ways for your business and other online data to be compromised by cybercriminals. Thankfully, with every advancement in cybercrime comes new tech to combat potential attacks. Here are three different forms of advancing tech that can make your business to business interactions safe and secure from cybercrime.

1. Multi-factor Authentication

When engaging in business to business (B2B) transactions, you need to ensure the interaction goes smoothly and can’t be accessed by hackers who could potentially compromise your important data. MFA solutions require users to provide two or more different forms of credentials before they are allowed access to the application or resource. This means, instead of just using one password to access an application, users will be required to present multiple forms of identity, such as a card, code or fingerprint, to gain access. As one password could be easily compromised by a hacker if not properly protected, multi-factor authentication provides a much more secure form of protection to prevent people from assuming you or your colleagues’ identities to access your data.

2. Password Protection Software

In addition to multi-factor authentication, having extra security for your passwords will benefit you as well, as doing so will provide an extra layer of protection. Before using any password protection software, ensure that you only protect your login information with the highest strength passwords you can make. This includes passwords with more than 15 characters, alternating capitalization, numbers, and other characters aside from letters. Additionally, use a different password for every device and account you use to ensure security. After you have chosen strong passwords, use protection software such as password managers to keep the passwords safe and organized. Password managers also have the ability to generate strong passwords automatically if you have difficulty coming up with secure passwords on your own.

By keeping your passwords safe, this, when used in tandem with multi-factor authentication, will add layers of security upon one another to help you and your colleagues keep your login information protected. When doing so when you engage in online B2B transactions, you will prevent hackers from assuming your identities.

3. Virtual Private Networks and Firewalls

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a network that casts a privacy veil over a public network, granting the users protection from unwanted observers. Using a VPN is ideal for B2B transactions, as doing so will go undetected from anyone who could potentially be spying on your online interactions. This will ensure that business transactions go smoothly and securely, so you can make online transactions without risk. Additionally, it will keep the sites you access private as well, facilitating important transactions.

Firewalls are another blanket of network security to use in a similar vein. They keep your interactions secure and prevent unauthorized access. Using all of the above software on top of one another provides multiple layers of security. Doing so will make your B2B interactions safe and secure.


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