The Best Photoshop Tutorials to Turn You into a Better Designer – Part II

Now, we are at the second part of our series where we have tried our best in presenting some really awesome tutorials for you to learn to become a better designer. These tutorials are in-depth and very elaborately written, making you understand almost everything that you are doing in every step of the tutorials.

We have mixed some simple ones with some complicated and involving ones, but all of them have got lots of new and interesting techniques for you to learn in Photoshop. Try to grab the easy ones first and complete them. You can also try looking at the final result of the tutorials and see if you can create that without even looking at the steps once.

If you can then you are surely in a better position as a designer now. But if you can’t then there is absolutely nothing to worry as the tutorials are there for you to learn and implement. Just try to understand what you are doing at every step and essentially why you are doing that. Questioning yourself at every step is a very important part of learning.

Photo Manipulate a Surreal Sky Station Scene

[Read the Tutorial]

An outstanding Photoshop tutorial which will make you learn various Photoshop techniques like retouching, brushing, coloring, etc in a better way.


Multiple Text Strokes with Smart Objects in Photoshop

[Read the Tutorial]

A simple yet well-written tutorial making you learn how to create multi-outline text effects in Photoshop using the real power of the Smart Objects.


Dark Knight Rises Poster in Photoshop

[Read the Tutorial]

An amazing tutorial from Abduzeedo which will re-create the Dark Knight Rises poster using Photoshop.


Create a Surreal, Floating Landscape with a Fantasy Twist

[Read the Tutorial]

Create a surreal fantasy-based image manipulation in Photoshop with this in-depth and elaborate tutorial.


Bringing Out Shadow and Highlight Details in an Image with Photoshop

[Read the Tutorial]

Learn the cool and nifty techniques in bringing out the hidden or lost shadow and highlight details from your JEPG photos with Photoshop.


Beautiful Water Reflections in Photoshop CC

[Read the Tutorial]

This tutorial from Abduzeedo will teach you how to use various Photoshop techniques in a simple way to create an amazing water reflection.


Stunning Watercolor Effect

[Read the Tutorial]

This tutorial will make you learn some really cool and creative Photoshop techniques to create the watercolor effect.


Better Brightness and Contrast in Photoshop

[Read the Tutorial]

It’s time to learn how you can make the most use of the simple brightness and contrast tool in Photoshop and make your photos pop out like never before.


Create a Realistic Wine Bottle Illustration from Scratch

[Read the Tutorial]

This tutorial will make you learn the art of making use of Photoshop to draw a perfectly realistic wine bottle illustration.


How to Add Realistic Falling Snow to a Photo in Photoshop

[Read the Tutorial]

A very well-written and in-depth tutorial teaching you the techniques of adding realistic snowfall effect in Photoshop, when you are not that lucky to photograph a natural one.



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