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Due to the rapid development of computer technology, today, in almost every profession, people use additional tools. Gambling is no exception. In this article, experts from a betting software development company Boosty Labs ( will look at computer programs for sports betting.

The world of any sport begins with its history. This also applies to betting, the origins of which date back to the era of Antiquity. In those days, sports events were already held and bets were made on who would win.

Nowadays, with the advent of computer technology, the development of the Internet, sports betting has reached a new level. Betting in the 21st century allows you to win from the comfort of your home. Bookmakers are attracting unprecedented interest from their clients due to online betting.

The goal of any sports betting analysis software is to make the player’s life easier. Using the software, you can instantly compare thousands of statistical indicators, find the most profitable odds, determine the best surebet and the most profitable corridor.

In theory, any of the actions that programs perform can be performed manually. But it will take a lot of time and energy.

Should You Buy Software?

For good software, you will have to pay a tidy sum. But 99% of services offer a trial period that lasts from three days to two weeks. This allows the user to assess the feasibility of purchasing the program.
Usually, access to the software is paid for one month. The average license price is about $100 (the cost of simple calculators is 5 – 10 bucks, cool services for corridors or forks – 200). The average professional uses three to four programs. He spends roughly $400 a month.
For beginners and hobbyists, these costs are prohibitive and illogical. But sports betting software is a powerful product. You can also get the software for free:

Each service has hundreds of analogs. They function according to the same principle. The difference is in the price, interface, and minor features. Nobody forbids using the trial period of one program, then another, then a third, etc. There are so many sites that you can use various software’s in test mode for at least a year.

If you like specific software, you can create new accounts. This will allow you to use the trial period multiple times. You can register a brother, father, friend, colleague, spouse, etc. This is not prohibited by the rules.
Sports Betting Software

Types of Betting Programs

There are many different types of betting software. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Using the trial period, the user can choose the optimal program for himself. Let’s consider the most popular types of betting software:


Calculators have two functions. The first helps to calculate the potential winnings for any type of coupon (you just need to set the odds):

  • single;
  • express;
  • system;
  • chain;
  • «varnishes», etc.

The second shows financial indicators:

  • ROI;
  • value;
  • bookmaker’s margin;
  • breakeven point;
  • steps of the catch-up;
  • dutching etc.

Services-advisors (Prompts)

These programs independently collect statistics on the performances of teams and athletes. The player chooses opponents, and the service automatically calculates the probability of each outcome, based on the previous indicators:

  • total;
  • handicap;
  • outcome;
  • individual performance;
  • a number of fouls, etc.


The services automatically scan bookmaker lines and find arbitrage opportunities. An important advantage is that any changes are displayed in real-time, so the user is only required to promptly place bets.
You can customize the program to your liking:

  • leave only those bookmakers where you are registered;
  • set the minimum and maximum profitability of the sure bet as a percentage;
  • limit the number of sports and outcomes for arbitration.


Services scan the bookmaker’s line and find the best options. The player only has to place a bet.

Smart money

Not a single bookmaker will tell you how much money clients have put in total on one or another outcome. This is a commercial secret. But there are services that allow you to calculate this with a minimum error.
Using the program, the user monitors the distribution of funds for different outcomes of one event. The basic principle is to follow smart money. Usually, players who bet huge amounts on a certain outcome know something about the upcoming event. Practice shows that the service works better than many reputable cappers.

Coefficient Movement

By tracking the movement of the odds, you can understand the change in the expectations of bookmakers and players regarding a certain outcome. This should be used. If the coefficient for the victory of one of the teams systematically decreases, then the probability of its victory increases.
Another advantage is that you can notice that something important has happened. For example, a key player is injured or weather forecasters reported bad weather conditions.

Special betting programs monitor the movement of the odds. The player can look at the dynamics graph and draw certain conclusions.

Automatic Action and Alarms

Let’s say a user wants to bet on one football team in a match at odds of 2.0. Bookmakers only offer 1.9. You can set up an alert – the service will notify you if the coefficient rises to two.


If a person is engaged in arbitration or is looking for corridors, then programs for analyzing sports bets will allow him to earn more (not a single advantageous offer will escape him). If you put single bets, you can save time on the analysis of matches.

For a professional game, software is an additional tool that allows you to get an edge over the bookmaker. For beginners and hobbyists, this is an essential help that should not be denied.


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