Smart Ways To Use Promotional Gifts In Business

Promotional products have always been a smart way to forward your brand name before the potential and past clients. You must have seen companies putting their logos on almost everything offered as business gifts such as mouse pads, pens, mugs or even socks- no no , it’s not exactly over-the-top rather very strategic for the companies since as per the marketing experts, promotional gifts play a key role in the advertising campaign for any brand. However, you have to make sure to be right with them.

The post here offers some really tips on how to channelize promotional gifts in your business.

What are the most potential gifts?

Almost anything can be used for promotional gifts but just make sure they are functional enough. Some very successful and common promotional items are-

  • Apparel ( hats, t-shirts, outerwear etc.)
  • Pens & other forms of writing instruments
  • Water bottles
  • merchandise watches
  • Calendars
  • Reusable shopping-bags

Put logo or not?

This is a very common dilemma when someone is planning good advertising with promotional products. Now, the common practice is to get the brand logo on all promotional items- after all that is the main goal of advertising or promotion, right? No, not necessarily.

At times, personalized items for clients are more sensible. For example, it’s a great idea to gift your customer a nice ballpoint pen or water bottle with his/her name printed on it. It’s a way to make them feel special and everybody appreciates that. Your clients are sure to use the personalized items & would even tell others about the special gift- which in turn will help to spread the word for you.

However, a small mention of your brand logo on the gift won’t harm- but the client’s personal identification should be prominent.

Apparel check

Clothing or apparel is one of the most regular and much appreciated among the promotional gifts but you really need to be cautious with logo placement here. You obviously love your brand & your logo but normally people won’t have such affinity towards your logo unless you are a too popular & beloved brand – such as Puma or Nike or Adidas. So, in that case, the audience base might not be that willing to sport a T-shirt with your lesser-known logo on it.

A smart tip here is to include your logo with some unique catchy slogan- this is quite a winning combination. The “Got Milk?” slogan from American Dairy Association can serve as a fine example here.

Environmental Targeting

Environmental targeting implies giving products which would be utilized in the environ where decisions involving your services or products would be made.

Let’s say, you have an online service business. In this case flash drives or mouse pads would be great promotional gifts as these items would be utilized when your prospect is before the computer contemplating about placing orders on an online service.

No short-shelf life

As mentioned earlier, the promotional gifts have to be functional items- but not only that, to ensure a lasting effect you have to assure that the items would stay functional for long; in simple words, you have to gift something that could be used repeatedly. For example, a pen holder would always be a better choice than writing pads since the papers in the pad are numbered.

However, this rule does not apply when food is used as a promotional item. In fact, sometimes, especially during the major holidays, food is much welcome & appreciated as a wonderful promotional gift.

Where to channelize logo

Your brand logo would ensure winning marketing prospects for you if you use it in appropriate setting. If you have participated in some county fair or trade shows, make sure to get apparels embossed with your brand logo for all your staffs attending the event. In such situation, a continuous representation of the logo by your company people will act as a constant promotion for your company before the crowd, sans looking forced.

Besides, logo attached clothing will act as fantastic promotional items for the best customers who actually love your brand. As because they have this special affinity towards your brand, clothing gifts branded with your company logo would work as some special recognition for them- that  in turn would be duly appreciated and they won’t mind sporting them.

Reward Referrals

Referral rewards serve as fantastic promotional item as well since they show that you are actually grateful to the customer for referring your name to somebody else and that you hold them as special.

Offer to choose

Albeit in most of the cases it’s you who decides on the promotional item yet what if the thing chosen by you is already with the customer or something that he does not need. Thus, it would be smarter if you offer choices for your customers so that  he is able to pick something that he deems most functional for him.

Give something & get something

The idea here is create a sweet obligation for the prospect or customer by presenting him something nice so that he is obliged to make business with your company. You won’t have to forward any sales pitch here but the goodie would be nice enough to compel them to buy your products or service, out of gratitude to some extent.

Be nice

Once again, you have to be nice and considerate with your promotional gifts. A nice useful gift is always a pleasure and very potent to evoke conversation between the two parties- and as the experts say, a fruitful conversation is the primary step towards prospective sales.

Seek attention

Free giveaways are a smart way to get noticed amidst crowd since everybody loves to receive freebies.


It would be a good idea to gift more than one similar promotional gifts to your prospects or customers with “share it” message so that the promotional impact gets distributed among many, easily.

The main idea behind promotional gift is to make your customer/prospect happy which is ensured by suitable promotional gifts as per the situations, needs and environment.


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