Slash Cart Abandonment by 77% with paGO One Page Checkout

The sales of an online store are highly dependent on the quality of Checkout Page.

It alone can convince customer to purchase or deter them away. It is without question the backbone of a successful business as it finalizes sales from both points: client and business.

Online customers are very conservative about giving out personal details over the internet. It is no hidden fact that there are cyber criminals waiting to steal credit card information and social security numbers to hijack accounts and steal money from unsuspecting customers.

Since many shopping carts and checkout pages are badly optimized, there is a 67 percent chance of abandonment at the end of purchase. This is caused due to a host of problems. 10 percent Checkout Pages require too much information and 11 percent have untrusted delivery mechanisms. 29 percent at the end of checkout inform the necessity of account.

The Issue: Cart Abandonment

All these stats point to a clear problem: high abandonment rates. They are caused by improper or badly created checkout pages which scare away customers. To curb these rates, it is necessary to have a checkout page that is A/B tested and is developed from the customer’s point of view.

An example of a great checkout page is the one page checkout built in to paGO Commerce, which is built keeping in consideration how the customer reacts from the front end of a site. With development focused on providing optimum performance, efficiency and at the same time being customer friendly, it has shown great potential and progress.

paGO’s one page checkout significantly reduces cart abandonment.

What Sets paGO Commerce One Page Checkout Apart?

So what makes paGO Commerce so different from the rest of the Joomla eCommerce extensions on the market? There are many factors that set it apart from competitors and mark it as one of the most easy to use Joomla eCommerce extensions in play.

Customizable Checkout Form

Checkout page success is all about how well they are created and how they are designed to interact with the customer. Online webpages guide customer to the checkout page which then proceeds to collect relevant information regarding the sale.

While many checkout pages fail to collect information in a user friendly manner and refrain from being too intrusive, the paGO Commerce One Page Checkout is equipped with a completely customizable checkout page in which fields can not only be removed and edited but entirely new ones can be added if a new sort of information has to be collected.

Additionally, developers can customize the checkout page’s layout by creating templates to further enhance the user experience.

This adaptability allows stores to create their own personalized checkout pages as they please and keep asking the customer only relevant information. Since fields can be added, subtracted and created, businesses can keep to asking a minimum of information from customer to improve their shopping experience.

New fields can be used to ask for singular data which satisfies multiple needs. This versatility is the backbone paGO One Page Checkout and its ability to increase revenues for online websites.

One step does the trick

Instead of going the long way with multiple checkout steps combined with lengthy fields, paGO One Page Checkout cuts the chase short with a concise one page quick checkout which asks all the information required from user and then simply submits and confirms sales.

Customers are 64 percent likely to result in cart abandonment if their checkout process is badly adjusted. This significantly drops conversion rates, damaging revenue.

Customers also sometimes forget the information they submitted in previous stages of checkout and have to go back to confirm. This makes multiple phase checkouts redundant. 30 percent customers confided they were more than likely to abandon rather than go through the process of registration all over again.

paGO One Page Checkout is the perfect solution when it comes to this dilemma, gathering information from customer efficiently and confirming sales, leaving the customer satisfied and the organization with increased revenue.

Highly functional and interactive front and back end

When it comes to interface, paGO One Page Checkout is one of the most interactive and dynamic of checkout pages around. From the backend point of view, it has categorized fields and quick access for them in its top bar. Icons, text, buttons and the whole nature of site can be changes with relative ease.

From the front end, it is arguably the most user friendly of checkout pages around. Since it can be customized to offer as little fields as possible and labeling some as optional, many customers are well satisfied by it. The ability to group related fields together makes it easy to enter data.

Payments the way you like it

paGO One Page Checkout allows customers to pay however they like. The back end has authority to limit the ways customers can process transaction though, which works as a plus point for businesses since they can enter in contracts with such services and charge commissions per transfer. Untrusted services can be weeded out for customer and business benefit.

Develop with Quick Checkout for better Customers

Since checkout pages are the last step in a purchase, they tend to have the customer a little on the edge when purchasing product. They are spooked easily and abandon cart if checkout pages are not developed as they would like it. paGO One Page Checkout is the perfect add on for your online business website to boost their sales and garner a reliable and loyal customer gathering.


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