Seven reasons you need a social media influencer on your next marketing campaign

Influencer marketing has become the norm in the last few years. Companies have increasingly developed a fondness for the individuals celebrated in lifestyle niches for advertisement and more.

The growing body of statistical claims in favor of onboarding influencers has proven their efficiency through higher rates of engagement and awareness.

Surveys on e-marketing state that over 80% of marketing campaigns involving social media influencers have to results better than the projections. This has inspired more businesses to give influencer marketing a chance. But the question is, what provokes marketers to invest in social media influencers?


Before all else, who is a social media influencer?

An influencer is an individual with a large following on social media with high rates of engagement on its platform. They are successful in engaging such large audiences because of the authority they build over time. Every influencer creates the audience in a specific niche by publishing content that retains the attention of the current followers and helps in roping new followers.

From blogging to reviewing or even industry expertise are a few skills that make influencers a powerful tool for digital communications. They help brands attract consumer attention, prospect acquisition is facilitated, and larger segments of the target population are inspired to bag the deal.

As compared to celebrity endorsements of the past, social media influencers are a humanized and approachable lot that helps people make decisions about their purchases.

Here are seven reasons why every business must consider the involvement of social media influencers in their next campaign.


It is a competitive field.

To stay a mile ahead of your rivals, you can easily engage the services of a social media influencer. An increased budget for a social media campaign can help you reap the benefits of social media better than your competition. It is the right time to begin the search for the right influencer before your competition raises the flag!

Social marketing still sells like hotcakes.

Word of mouth still sells. People tend to believe the opinions of those they trust, like family and friends. Recommendations from authoritative figures are valued a lot more than blatant advertisements. This is indeed the most significant advantage of hiring a social media influence. After all, they are trusted by their audience and have a significant impact on the decisions of consumers.

The influencers know their audiences well.

A social media influencer establishes loyalty and trust in the audience. This helps them become an analyst in top consumer trends as their entire business revolves around the changing patterns of consumption in their audiences. If a business on-boards an influencer, they welcome better insights and improved engagement in their campaign.

They leverage for authentic advertisements.

Online advertisements have become quite a bunch of nonsense and nothing to the consumer of today. This is evident from the increased use of ad blockers in the current market. Because social media influencers curate dedicated audiences and have mastered the skills of overcoming the barriers, they remain the crowd favorite for long. Influencers personalize the content according to the liking of the audience, which is why their sponsored content seems subtle and rather attractive to the end consumer. Click here to find out more about the subject!

Higher rates of organic reach are guaranteed.

There is no denial in the fact that social media algorithms frequently change, which can indirectly impact the organic reach for a brand account. An influencer, on the other hand, takes person to person approach in this regard and reaps the fruits of better engagement in the form of higher organic reach. This is the best method of getting positioned in a larger number of newsfeeds.

You can win niche markets.

Have you been trying to reach a niche audience? Is it too confusing to figure out a way of executing a successful marketing strategy? Then, why don’t you engage a social media influencer for this! It is observed that many businesses fail to identify the right audience for their products when the intention is to enter a niche market.

Since influencers are considered as magnets that keep the niche audiences together, they can help in developing more appeal in the relatively smaller groups. These influencers are capable of tapping into specific groups, and their customized content attracts quality leads. When an influencer delivers a brand story, the message resonates with the target audience and helps in driving better conversions too.

The better the leads, the higher conversions for your business. This will entail higher revenues and help you become the torchbearer of success in the niche of your choice.

You pass SEO with flying colors.

Another inherent benefit of social media influencers is its impact on search engine rankings. Their role is not limited to posting a fancy picture of your product on their social media platforms. If they expand the effort to mentioning you on well-rated blogs, then the quality backlinks will work wonders for you.

It will push you higher on the search engine results, which will boost your visibility in local searches. It is essential to remember that social media marketing and link building is a critical aspect of search engine optimization efforts. This kills two birds with a single stone!

The final thoughts

Irrespective of the industry a business operates in, it is necessary to note that social media is the most efficient method of reaching out to the intended audiences. It helps you accomplish your goals a lot quicker while developing better rates of engagements and conversions along the way.

This is why we encourage our readers to find the right social media influencers today. After all, who knows the social media market better than an individual who works on the platform!


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