SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid in Making Your Website


Many entrepreneurs are now building their websites on the Internet to promote their products and services. It is a great way to popularize a business locally or all over the world.

However, it is not enough that you develop an appealing website. You need to market it efficiently to draw potential customers for your business by using SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO is the most effective Internet marketing strategy that could drive traffic to your website. This optimization results in lead generation and potential clients for your business.

Many website owners have done SEO and have gained significant results, while others are doing it all wrong. To guide you in your website optimization, we have listed up some SEO mistakes that you should avoid:

Incorrect keywords

Keywords play a significant role in website optimization. A keyword refers to the word used by customers when they do a search on a search engine. This means that you must know the keywords that your potential customers use to search for your website and product and use the same keywords in your content. If you have chosen a wrong keyword, then your website will be unprofitable. An incorrect keyword will not draw in traffic. You may use tools such as Moz Keyword Explorer, Google AdWords Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and Google Trends to help you determine the most trending and appropriate keywords to be used on your website.

Irrelevant content

They say that content is king, which is true. You must create quality and unique content on your website. It brands your business and at the same time makes you stand out from other competitors online. It is advisable that you generate quality blog posts, website content, video tutorials, and informational checklists, among others.

Make sure that you do not post duplicate content on your website; you may be penalized for such act. You will also give your audience a wrong impression that your site is unoriginal and, worse, fraudulent; they may not return to your website again. Most sites that offer unique content have high rankings and often appear on the first page of search engines.

Stuffing keywords

Search engines may label your website as spam when you use too many keywords in your content. Stuffing keywords will greatly affect your SEO performance and may kick you out of the top ranks.

Absence of title tags, alt tags, and meta descriptions

Sometimes, website owners forget to provide title tags, alt tags, and meta descriptions. These are important elements that can improve your website’s SEO performance.

Site errors

Misleading and malicious links and other site errors could discourage users from visiting your website again. Even Google penalizes websites for such errors. To avoid them, you may use SEO mistakes checker tools.

Slow web page loading

Slow loading of your web pages may affect your SEO performance. You must see to it that your web pages load fast because Google can detect such activity, too. A fast-loading web page encourages the users to visit other pages of your website. It is good for your bounce rates and conversion rates.

Inadequate quality links

Website owners or their content marketers must use quality external links in the content. Make sure that you link to relevant content and reputable websites. Your anchor texts must be relevant to your content and beneficial for your audience, too.

Not optimized for mobile

Some webmasters have forgotten to make their website mobile friendly, which is a big mistake in SEO. As most people are using their smartphones now for e-commerce, you must make sure your website can be viewed easily on mobile devices. Mobile optimization can boost the traffic of your website.

Inefficient site speed

You have to optimize your site’s speed. A fast site speed can result in better SEO. Evaluate your site speed by using tools such as Pingdom, Google PageSpeed Insights, and WebPageTest. You can also improve your site speed by optimizing images, decreasing the use of JavaScript, and enabling browser caching.

Optimize your website correctly by avoiding these SEO mistakes. Proper optimization of your site will yield desirable results, which will make your business lucrative and successful.


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