How to sell more and spend less: 5 practices for an eCommerce project

eCommerce platforms are the new way to get your business hitting profits. The growth seems to touch the sky in terms of sales and revenue. Moreover, when you convert your business into e-commerce you basically expand your business to new horizons. The reach of e-commerce is unimaginable. And the best part is you can decide your boundaries or expand them accordingly. But make sure to test your waters before plunging in.

When you expand your business on the eCommerce platform you need to know some tricks for selling more and spending less. We have surveyed the market and we will help you in identifying the ways wherein you can reach your target audience without having to invest more in marketing than you are making.

As eCommerce is all about hitting the right target audience in a seamless way, it requires an eye for detail and knowing the correct timing. You should understand the customer’s needs and give them exactly what they wants and when they want.

So let’s start on how to sell more and spend less to boost an eCommerce business

#1 Advertise on the right platform

Know your audience and target the social media for advertising wherein they are active the most. For example, if you are selling heels and your target audience is ladies. You should survey when are the ladies more active online and when do they tend to shop. Objects like shoes, fashion accessories, clothes need to be advertised to a niche specific audience.

So, here may be you will need to advertise more on Pinterest than Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Also, when starting to advertise on these platforms, initially bid with a lower amount. Test every permutation and combination while publishing your ad, and keep making changes regularly till you get the desired results.

Advertising on the right platforms gives you the social exposure of reaching your customers easily. You will be able to show your ads to the people who actually need your product, rather than just randomly showing ads to everyone.

#2 Re-target your audience

This is the new way of achieving new customers and retaining the old ones. If a customer visits your sites, you can show him several ads on the sites and based on his response and preferences, you can re-target him.

Also, when he clicks on a particular product on your site, you can show him variants or remind him later that he visited your site and the product is still available. This makes the customer more likely to shop the stuff. This can be easily executed and is a psychologically proven technique to increase sales.

Also, this method of retargeting the audience has turned out to be the most profitable trick for eCommerce ventures. Nonetheless, there are many more ways to create a custom audience and then target them. These online tools help in accessing the pages that the customers visits and you can thus advertise accordingly.

#3 Have real reviews and live chats

Most people buy a product only after reading the reviews of the product. And the audience these days is very educated. They understand the difference between real and fake reviews. So try getting real reviews on your platform.

You can offer a discount coupon or some reward when a customer write a review. This encourages them to write reviews and helps you in boosting sales. Also if someone writes a negative review, reply humbly and politely and assure that you will look into the matter and it will not be repeated. This shows the customers that you are serious about them and their opinions.

Moreover, be sure to have the live chat feature on your site. It is very interesting as customers get answers to the basic queries without hustling with the site. Also, the chatbot or live chat should answer all the questions with the major keywords. A chatbot really helps a customer and the seller to connect and give both of them exactly what they are looking for.

#4 Make the customer feel connected

Customers need to feel connected when they buy stuff. When they land on your site, it should seem that you know their needs and will attend to them perfectly. Once you have funneled their demands, give them exactly what they are looking for.

For example, if a customer selects the filter pink party dress, show them pink party dresses and also party dresses according to their choices. If they have clicked more often on long dresses, you can help them by displaying long party dresses in different colors too.

While showing the new options, there should be a tab where the history of choices should also displayed. A customer needs to feel personalized and also that the site understands their demands and filters.

#5 Increase e-mail marketing

Email marketing is underestimated in terms of marketing. But if used properly it can boost sales to another level. It is also very cheap and easy considering other forms of marketing.

So, survey your audiences and target them with email marketing to sell your products/services. Also, design your emails short and classy. Do not overload the mails of your audiences. Send mails with offers they cannot resist. Nonetheless, use names, HTML designs and shopping history in the mails to give it a personal touch.

To conclude,

These are some of the tips that can help boost an eCommerce project with very less spending. Building an e-commerce website is easy but making it reach the right target audience is another task. But if you get your marketing and advertising cards right, there is nothing stopping you.

Also, with the right knowledge, you will anyways not need to spend more on advertising. Because once you know whom you want to sell your products to, selling becomes an easier process.


Mr. Timothy is a digital marketing consultant by profession. He guides businesses in the right direction for growth on the eCommerce platforms. He believes that if done in the right way, eCommerce can boost more sales than physical shopping with very little investment. He also writes at guiding students with his insights.


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