Reasons to create your website with WordPress over HTML


WordPress is the Best CMS system, which is not just used for blogging but also for business. WordPress development in India is increasing day by day as people with small businesses and stores are tending to shift towards WordPress when compared to other content management systems. Due to its cool features and easy access, WordPress development in India can predictably be increasing in future days. Here are the top ten solid reasons to choose WordPress over HTML to create your website.

1.     Saves money

Using WordPress over HTML can save a lot of money. Since the money that has to be poured on a web developers, hosting and launching the website is reduced, which usually takes all the budget used for marketing. After launching the website too, money should be spent on maintenance and to avoid glitches on the website whereas there are no such problems when it comes to the other and can save money. WordPress can be an ideal choice for both small businesses and big ones with multiple ventures as this will save your budget to a greater extent.

2.     Saves time

Launching a website using WordPress never take more than 5 minutes while web developers can take forever for getting the requirements from the client and build accordingly for months. Many of the hosts are capable of providing a single click installation, that can create a website within few minutes. Hence, a lot of time can be saved when compared to HTML. Since money and time are the two most important factors while running a business, WordPress can be a compelling platform to create a website.

3.     Safety and Security

There is no need to hire a safe expert to manage and maintain the security for the breaches when we are talking about WordPress. It already has extensions like iThemes Security, which can keep the website safe of secure from all the hackers, viruses and other modes of dangers to the website. In case of HTML, a separate team of security experts has to be assigned to protect the website from bad things.

4.     Starter’s friendly

WordPress can be used by any person who has basic computer knowledge. Hence it is very friendly even with the starters and would not demand coding knowledge at any point of usage. The dashboard will have various options where you can edit posts and contents as you wish, without any help of a middleman. You can be the king or queen of the website and no one can stop you! Also, there are so many themes available from which you can choose and customize your website according to your needs, all by yourself.

5.     Supports different languages

If you want to flash your content in your native language to reach more audience of your native, luckily WordPress has a plugin for that too. Multilingual Press can help you with your language problems. In case of HTML, for a change in language, you have to hire a lot of people and make them work for hours, which is not easy and recommended when something cool and fun like WordPress is existing.

6.     Shaped into an online store

If you suddenly got a business idea and you are in need of an online store to sell the products, WordPress can invite you effortlessly as there is a cool plugin called WooCommerce that can take just minutes to turn your blog or website into a super cool online store. Even, many of the famous online stores like Marks & Spencer are powered by WordPress as people cannot find out any difference in the website. Whereas HTML again needs a highly professional development team to set everything according to the requirements. Thus, WordPress can be considered as a blessing for those people who want to make more profit in online business with less budget and no coding knowledge.

7.     Simple content management

The contents can be easily managed in WordPress. Since most of the file formats like videos, photos, audios, and documents are supported by WordPress, and can easily be uploaded into the gallery of WordPress with a drag-and-drop-interface, what else is needed? Also, we can create drafts and scheduled time posts that make it even more interesting and easier to use. Anyone can bet that with HTML these operations are developer’s nightmare.

8.     Supports mobile devices

WordPress can be easily used in mobile phones too, with screens of any size. While the HTML needs a separate version of the website for its usage in mobile, a single click can create all screen-friendly version of the website from WordPress. We cannot even debate WordPress over HTML as we already know the clear answer.

9.     Start an own community

When you get bored of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you are always welcome in WordPress to create your own community with the BuddyPress plugin and enjoy with people of similar minds. Though this cannot be as much advanced as Facebook or other social media, still you can create a circle of your own using this.

10.  Scalability

The WordPress plugins can enable us to increase the functions of the website. For example, we can create a contact page, improved SEO, easy and secure checkout systems, can create layers of security if needed, landing pages, everything with a single click.

To sum up, WordPress never demands coding at any part of its use and access. It is the simplest, reliable, safe and secure, friendly, and scalable tool with more of 1000 themes and supports all media files like audio, video, images, and documents. On the other hand, HTML needs a team of highly qualified software developers with different skills to start a website. Also, HTML needs a ton of money to be invested on hiring the techies and demands to keep on investing money till the end for maintenance and security. Due to the overweighing advantages of WordPress over HTML, more businesses is preferring the first rather than the later. But for businesses with more complicated and high-end requirements that runs on more budgets can prefer HTML over WordPress. Though WordPress has a variety of plugins to work with, they cannot get twisted. Due to its minimalistic view and freedom to choose, most of small business, content creators, online shopping, and other venture marketing are choosing WordPress for developing their websites because of the time and money its saving in the digitalization. It can be concluded that the WordPress is a boon to all the people who wants to create a website without coding knowledge!


Author Bio – Chawla is a MD at AIS Technolabs which is Web Design and Web development Company, helping global businesses to grow. He loves to share his thoughts on custom wordpress development.

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