MKD Kitchen and Bath

‘corePHP’ redesigned, developed, and rewrote the MKD Kitchens website.


MKDKitchens required a total rebuild and rebrand of their website. The new website was under their new name, MKD Kitchen and Bath, which ‘corePHP’ built in WordPress with Elementor, including custom elements. They required that their content be copied over from the old site to the new staging site: which stayed there to be worked on, developed and perfected as a separate URL until the site was ready for launch. We then set up the appropriate redirects to transition to the new website. ‘corePHP’ handled the migration to the new URL with all best practices, maintaining site authority, links, and blog content.


MKD also required a full rewrite of their website content from a sales and SEO perspective. This was meant to encourage inquiries and conversions as well as bring more visitors to the website from Google search queries.


As a kitchen and bath company, a heavy emphasis was placed on creating a visually striking website that would catch user attention and cause visitors to reach out for more information and quotes.


‘corePHP’ also designed and developed a much cleaner, simpler, and more navigable menu structure, reducing user confusion and obstacles to conversion.

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