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Has your website security become compromised?

Luckily for you, you have come to the right place. Time and time again site owners neglect to keep their CMS updated, opening their website up to potential security issues. According to Sucuri, a Web security firm, states there are currently hundreds of websites that are becoming compromised each and every day. Since the start of the latest threat a few weeks ago, thousands of sites have become victim to this compromise, with many unaware their site has been compromised.

Not only is it important to ensure that your site remains current with the latest version, it is critical to update any plugin or component utilized on your site. The latest attack appears to be utilizing a vulnerability in plugins to hack websites, as it does not appear the hackers are utilizing a vulnerability in the core of the CMS.


Softpedia describes the script as one that is “…diverting incoming traffic and redirecting users to another URL hosting the Neutrino exploit kit. Here, using Flash or PDF Reader vulnerabilities, the exploit kit pushes the CryptXXX ransomware on PCs running out-of-date & vulnerable versions of this software.”

Starting today, we are offering a $400 (USD) special to professionally scan, cleanup, and update all WordPress and Joomla websites. Don’t let your information be the next statistic and become the next victim to fall prey to the latest hacking tactics. Your security matters to ‘corePHP’.

We at ‘corePHP’ are here to help you prevent disaster, and if it were to happen, we are there to guide you through the process of getting back up and running. We respond quickly with one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive web security audits on the market. Feel confident your site will be repaired correctly the first time.

If you want to ensure your site remains current with all updates, we offer an affordable Service Level Agreement which guarantees your site stays up-to-date, minimizing the potential of hackers gaining access to your website.

Contact us today to begin your security analysis or to set up a Service Level Agreement for your website.


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